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Welcome to September 2016 Newsletter

Tantra Sacred Loving  |  September 2016 Hello Friends, Fall is in the air as we welcome the month of September into our lives. I hope summer was good to you, it was amazing for me and continues to be incredible with hikes, beach time, meditations, classes, workshops, events, private sessions, double dakini sessions (we will […]

April 2016 Newsletter

Tantra Sacred Loving  |  April 2016 Hello Friends, Welcome to this new month we call April. Each day reminds me it will soon be time to plant the garden and welcome the abundance that comes. I recently attending The Gathering of advanced students and teachers of Source School of Tantra. We learned and explored more […]

March 2016 Newsletter

Hello Friends, Welcome to Spring. The flowers are blooming, the animals are twitterpating, the days are growing longer and hibernation is coming to an end. It feels good to explore in nature, rototil  the garden and smells the sweat scents of the earth. February was the month of love! With the beautiful Opening to Love Puja […]

February 2016 Newsletter

Hello Tantra Sacred Loving Friends, Happy February! February is an extraordinary month of Tantra events in the Reno Area.  My friend, colleague and co-teacher, Mark Ray, will be joining me in teaching this month’s Opening to Love Puja and the February is for Lovers Weekend Workshop. Mark is a Certified Tantra Educator (Source School of Tantra), who primarily works in […]

October 2015 Newsletter

Click here to see the October Newsletter. There are so many events coming up! Check it out. If you would like to receive the Tantra Sacred Newsletter by email, please enter your email on the website. Click here for the link.

Yamas Puja

   This series of Puja, exploring the yamas, have been extraordinary events. I love diving into the teachings of these spiritual principles so I can present and share them with the puja participants.  I have been enjoying the pre-puja mantra chanting as well. Mantra practice opens the channels and brings more vibration and sensation into […]

January 2015

Happy New Year Beloved Friends, I am looking forward to an incredible year of abundance, adventures and excitement. I hope you will join me in exploring deeper into the spiritual spaces of what is possible. Let’s open doors, step through and see what is beyond our wildest dreams. On Sunday January 11, 2015 I will […]

November 2014

Hello Beloved Friends, October is one of my favorite months of the year. I hope yours was exceptional. I love the colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air and of course Halloween. As we continue our journey into the month of November, I encourage you to acknowledge the blessings in your life, to […]

Yin Puja August 6, 2014

This morning I am still vibrating with the intense, yin energy we explored in the Yin Puja last night. An incredible group of extraordinary beings showed up to co-create a magical matrix of sacred space for us to explore, expand and experience the flowing yin energy. I woke to this beautiful email that touched my […]