February 2016 Newsletter

Hello Tantra Sacred Loving Friends,

Happy February!

February is an extraordinary month of Tantra events in the Reno Area.  My friend, colleague and co-teacher, Mark Ray, will be joining me in teaching this month’s Opening to Love Puja and the February is for Lovers Weekend Workshop. Mark is a Certified Tantra Educator (Source School of Tantra), who primarily works in the southwest. Mark not only teaches the art of Tantra, he lives a Tantric life and has been married for 35 years. “The sex keeps getting better and better!” claims his wife, Deborah Ray.  Mark is the founder of Southwest Tantra.

Mark and I wrote an article for Reno Tahoe Tonight, entitled For Love of Tantra. Here is a preview, please click here for the full article.

For  the Love of Tantra 
Are you looking for a way to connect more deeply with your partner? Are you looking to create powerful relationships in your life based on intentions? Are you looking to expand your capacity for pleasure? Are you searching for a spiritual practice that grabs you? Are you looking to experience the best sex ever and empower your sexuality? These are all possibilities for those who practice Tantra Yoga. These practices teach how to activate and harness sexual, orgasmic energy to create life, to heal, to expand, to release and to manifest. Tantra Yoga is inclusive of everything and denies nothing, because everything is part of the whole.

Is Tantra Right for You?  

Tantra is a spiritual path that honors all aspects of the human experience, including the incredibly powerful modality of sex. Desire is a natural part of existence and procreation is the primary purpose for the biological creatures that we are. In Tantra we want to celebrate our humanness and expand awareness in all states of consciousness. People are fascinated by the sexual practices that are often associated with Tantra. Sacred sexuality takes sex into the realms of higher consciousness enabling the exploration of heightened dimensions of reality, deeper spiritual connections and powerful aspects of Love. Through the study and practice of Tantra techniques, sacred sexuality can be mastered and further expanded leading to greater awareness of self, others and the Universe.

The next Tantra Sacred Loving Puja is scheduled for February 3, 2016 it is the Opening to Love Puja, the puja begins at 7:00PM. We will be exploring and playing with the heart space energy of LOVE with singing bowls, movement, sound, sharing, connecting and nurturing touch all in the sacred, safe space that we create together. If you would like to explore the power of Mantra with us please arrive early and we will have a brief mantra session beginning at 6:50PM.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a workshop designed to expand your potential for intimacy, February is for Lovers Weekend Course for Conscious Lovers, February 6th & 7th.  This workshop is for couples who are looking to expand and bring more intimacy into there relationship using the art of Tantra and Sacred Loving.
In this workshop you will learn:
1. How to communicate even better, to listen and be aware of one another’s needs and to ask for what you want.
2. How to create sacred space, a special place for passion, a place to slow down and enjoy the journey.
3. How to bring nurturing touch into your relationship, to touch from a place of LOVE with intention and presence which expands into orgasmic bliss.
4. Partner Stretching, a yummy way to incorporate stretching–white yoga–into a deep intimate connection with your partner.
5. Female anatomy and how to become more orgasmic in your lovemaking.
6. How to become a Multi-Orgasmic Man and bring full body orgasms into your lovemaking.

Sign up today and let’s play in the energies of Tantra!

The next New Moon Fire is February 8th at Gene Poplin’s house, click here for more details.


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With loving gratitude and appreciation,

Lisa A. Rizzoli

Elite Certified Tantra Educator
* Contact Gene Poplin at 775.560.5096  for information about New Moon Fires

† Gerber Medical Clinic   1225 Westfield Ave. #2    Reno, NV 89509