Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Susan G. Branch

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has a variety of very powerful processes that people can use to achieve balanced and healthy changes in their lives. Changing long held patterns, done the right way, can be a lot easier than you realize. In my trainings and in my private Life and Health Coaching practice I’m often asked to help people change their long help habit of smoking cigarettes. This is always exciting because it is one of the easiest habitual patterns for people to free themselves of. I always ask people if, once they are no longer a smoker, they want to have withdrawal symptoms. Most people are excited to know that they don’t have to have withdrawal symptoms when the quit smoking. As a former smoker, I have to admit that I was surprised and then curious the first time someone said he wanted withdrawal symptoms. Once we explored his very valid reason for wanting withdrawal symptoms, I asked him how long he wanted them for. He decided one year would work for him. I asked him to call me when his withdrawal symptoms disappeared. He called me exactly one year later to report that he woke up that day with out any withdrawal symptoms and with the confidence that he was now a non-smoker.  

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