Workshop Testimonials

From The Ins and Outs of Arousal: A Hands-On Experience July 16, 2016. Taught by Kevin Brizendine and Lisa A. Rizzoli

Thank you for the great workshop…………I was really present to the warm yet safe and professional atmosphere you created…to present a topic and subject matter rarely discussed. I know this is my point of view, but again…thank you for the contribution you created….for everyone. I could easily recommend this workshop …if anyone were to inquire. Gratitude. ~ Charlie S. 
Thank you Kevin and Lisa for such an incredible workshop.  Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise in an open and safe environment to explore  female arousal.  The workshop was well designed with a nice mix of information, discussion, live demonstration and hands-on practice to provide a complete learning experience.  The live demo was very helpful to see the parts of the anatomy discussed, the different areas and strokes for arousal.   I particularly liked how you set things up to approach this with Child-like curiosity, humor and communication between giver & receiver. As a man, this allowed me to explore the female anatomy as never before and without the feeling of whether I was doing things the “right way”.  I enjoyed being able to try new stokes and to hear from my partner how they felt and to get a better idea of amount of pressure and speed that can be used for arousal.  I learned the special power of Stillness.  You are an awesome teaching team and I look forward to participating in more of your workshops and classes.  ~ Dave Henselman, Reno, NV

From The Ins and Outs of Arousal July 6, 2016 Taught by Kevin Brizendine and Lisa A. Rizzoli

“I didn’t realize how much there is to explore with intimacy until I took the Ins & Outs of Arousal workshop…it was an engaging, fun, and relaxing environment that was educational and inspirational on many levels.” ~Nancy, Reno, NV

“Great Class! First of its kind I have attended. Very informative and you two did a great job together teaching us and allowing free interaction with humor and lots of laughter! I learned a lot of new places I did not know existed and have ordered the book to learn and explore more. Thank you!” ~ Dane, Reno, NV

“Thank you I enjoyed the class. You and Kevin are disarming which makes it easier to discuss a subject that is difficult for many people (myself included), and my hope was to learn which I did. I even learned new things about female anatomy which is impressive as I have been to both paramedic and nursing school. As much as I learned and enjoyed the class it brought up more questions that I didn’t even know I had until attending the class, for example the sacred spot which allows women to release buried emotion, is there a male version of this? Because I won’t ever be able to use the information I learned from your class until I am able to deal with my own repression and anger. I am looking to have more healthy attitudes about these subjects but have no idea how to accomplish this.” ~ D.L. Reno, NV 

“Thank you for the class last night, my wife and I really enjoyed it. We will be attending the July 16th workshop.
I love the openness about the sexuality. I love to learn and grow, to please my partner in every way possible. I look at this like gym membership for my sex life. You see someone at the gym all fit and in shape, and know to keep in shape and become stronger you must continue to workout. I know I’m strong sexually, but I want to become stronger.” ~Steven Throop, Reno, NV

From Orgasm vs Ejaculation: Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man May 11, 2016

Feedback from students feeds our souls. I get so excited when students share their “ah-ha” moments, it reminds me when I do what I love with passion, people feel it. This testimonial was received from the Orgasm vs Ejaculation class Kevin Brizendine and I taught on May 11, 2016.

“This is the first health class geared towards men that I have ever heard of. The teaching styles of you and Kevin are such a good fit. Kevin has such a high regard for you and it shows. I can’t tell you how sweet it is to see you two working together. From a presentation standpoint you and Kevin are so natural together it is like watching Regis and Kathy Lee. The subject matter isn’t a fit for morning television, but as a men’s health class (since there are none) I welcomed the basic health information and the breath exercises as well as the explanation of exercises for the man to keep fit for life. We received information and learned how to break down what ejaculation is: 1) Physically and from the energetic and physiological perspective; 2) How to get more pleasure with simple techniques you can literally do anywhere.

The conciseness of all the information was super and the ice breaking exercise with the cards couldn’t be better. Hands down one of your best classes; I hope the two of you do more” –Jolene Stewart, Reno, NV

From February is for Lover’s! Weekend Course for Conscious Lovers February 6&7, 2016

I need to tell you that this morning I had an incredible experience. I was able to experience multiple orgasms using the orgasmic fire breath! I couldn’t pin point with words to express how it truly felt. But it is a really awesome sensation. Thank you for teaching me how to do it. 
I had trouble explaining it to my wife, Johanna, all I know is it was an incredible feeling that I never had before in my life. 
Thank you very much you are truly an awesome person, a great blessing to me and my wife.
So glad we have met you and you came into our lives on this beautiful journey of ours.  – Rod, Reno, NV


This weekend Misty Reiknights and I attended a relationship changing workshop. Lisa A. Rizzoli is a Certified Tantra instructor and leads Pujas and Workshops with her business “Tantra Sacred Loving.” Her workshop this weekend advertised teaching each partner to be a wonderful lover to their mate.

Over the years Misty and I have learned a lot of different things, but we often didn’t have some of the foundations to implement them as sacred relationship rituals.

I felt loving reminders to apply what we do regularly in our temple and magickal practices to our relationship. Sacred Space, clear communication and simple yet powerful rituals to build trust, reconnect and raise “yummy juicy energy.”

Lisa, Mark (her co-teacher) and a couple other volunteers did an amazing job at preparing the workshop room to be safe and sacred space. Then they continued this with personally holding space, using effective language and agreements to form a powerful initiatory space for attendees. It was so easy to join in wonderful peak experiences in the workshop. Afterwards we took an evening to ourselves at a hotel.

It was only then that we learned how powerful the sacred space had been held… Relationship rituals which had been almost 2nd nature in the sacred workshop had surprisingly powerful personal, emotional and energetic resistances that we likely wouldn’t have been able to overcome if we hadn’t already experienced the powerful practices only hours earlier!

Thankfully the Tantra Masters had equipped us with both education and experience to face the return to “normal life” but because of this weekend normal is utterly transformed.

We trust each other again. We know that we both love each other and not only want to connect, but now we have tools to do so which we believe can work. Things aren’t perfect, but they have massively improved. We are talking about hard things, sharing old hurts, gazing into each other without shields… healing.

Our relationship is healing and growing… and it feels wonderful.

I hope other people read this and hear what a huge difference this workshop has made in our life and relationships. It hasn’t healed everything, but it has opened us up and given us tools. It has given us hope and the belief that it’s worth trying again. smile emoticon

Thank you Lisa. We WILL be recommending these workshops to every person who is ready to admit that they might benefit from studying how to be a better lover or partner from a tradition with techniques and masters on the topic.  ~ Scott Reimers – Reno

From the Explore Your Pelvic Floor workshops:

Lisa is an amazing teacher! I left class feeling totally connected with my pelvic floor and confident in my ability to do the exercises at home. She created sacred space and answered questions in a clear and concise manner. Lisa explained the techniques very clearly and checked in with each of us to make sure that we got it before moving on to the next thing. I really appreciated that. I also loved how she encouraged us to use our own bodies’ wisdom. Following her gentle prompting to listen to my own body’s wisdom I selected a stone egg that I am so happy with. It was a perfect fit on every level! As it turns out, the stone I selected corresponds with my horoscope!
Maria – Sunnyvale
Comfortable format, Informative, and Instructor was personable and set folks at ease.
From Exploring the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation Workshop
Caroline and Lisa’s Tantric G-Spot and Female Ejaculation demonstration was truly an amazing event. As an energy healer for the last decade or so, I have experienced the interplay of energy in many forms and contexts, so at this point it takes a lot to impress me. And I was impressed. The presenters are clearly highly trained, passionate, compassionate, and skilled in their art, their energy is very clear and palpable, and the energy field they created together was healing for everyone present. I will be attending more of their courses, and recommend their work to anyone who is interested in opening their sexual selves via a clear, open, and spiritual path. ~ Nathan Whiteside, Oakland