Private Sessions

NAH (Nurturing, Awakening, Healing) Tantra Sessions for the individual and couples.

Lisa weaves elements of Reiki, Shamanism, Polarity Therapy, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra into an integrated, energetic experience for those who are wish to expand and explore this modality of spirituality. Sessions include instruction in creating an intention, breathing techniques, various exercises to enhance the experience, meditation, sounding and movement followed by practical application of these skills to embodying the lessons through the modality of touch, movement, breath and sound. Activating, circulating and integrating the creative life-force energy (sexual energies) to enhance and experience fore pleasure throughout the body.

Nurturing may include:

  • creating a safe and sacred space
  • positive regard for the individual
  • affirmations
  • hands-on energy work
  • sounding
  • nurturing embrace
  • compassionate communication and reflection

Awakening may include:

  • powerful sounding or chanting
  • powerful breath work
  • energy orgasm fire breathing
  • awakening energy through transmission of Shakti
  • activation of the sacred spot
  • strong emotions arising

Healing may include:

  • providing a space of deep respect and compassion
  • working energetically with the chakras (energy centers)
  • where pain is held
  • relaxing and trusting in the process
  • discovering what might be healing for individual chakras
  • discovering what brings joy
  • cultivating laughter and playful interaction
  • supporting and opening to more love


Energy Medicine Sessions

These sessions are designed for individuals wishing to explore the energetic body and the incredible healing powers that exist within each of us.

Sessions are structured around the individual’s desires and boundaries.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, or to book a session, please contact Lisa.