Loving Myself Awake February 2017

Tantra Sacred Loving  |  February is for LOVE!
Welcome to February Conscious Lovers,

Are you ready to spice up your love life? Whether you are in partnership or single, there are techniques and practices you can utilize to bring more pleasure into your body. I highly recommend a morning practice of Loving Myself Awake, it is a perfect time  to awaken the body with love and gratitude. It is a simple process that takes 5-10 minutes (or more if you choose). Upon awakening take a deep cleansing breath, in through the nose out through the mouth, envision your heart expanding with the energy of love and gratitude and smile. Continue to breath deeply and begin to touch your body, I like to start at my feet, noticing each and every part of the foot. Use several modalities of Touch (class coming in April) and remember to fill up with love and gratitude as you touch your body. Inhale love, exhale gratitude. The purpose of this touch is activate the nerve endings and to feel the sensations in the body. Move up your leg, notice your calf, your shin, your knee, that sweet spot behind the knee, your thigh, your buttock and into your pelvic area and genitals. Now the other foot and repeat. Allow your hands to wander and feel the uniqueness of your skin, the hairs on your body, play with light touch, scratching, kneading, tapping… whatever feels right in the moment. As your hands move up your body, feel your belly, notice the curvature of your hips and waist, your ribs and back. Can you touch every bit of skin on your back? Explore your chest, your breasts and nipples, the armpits and move down your arms. Notice the places that you find especially sensual. Take the touch all the way into your fingertips and back up the arm to do the other side. Stretch and breath and love and appreciate. Explore your neck, your ears, your face, your head and through your hair. Take time with yourself to love and appreciate this amazing body that is uniquely yours. This practice of Loving Myself Awake is a yummy way to begin each and every day. Blessings on your discoveries.

I look forward to hearing about your Loving Myself Awake experiences and how this practice is fueling your days.

Look what’s coming up in February and March! WoW these are powerhouse experiences for you to learn more Tantra techniques, explore the art of conscious loving while activating and mastering your energy body, and develop a new skill set in communication. We are truly blessed with these opportunities.
The Love Puja is tonight, Gene will play the crystal bowl that is attuned to the heart chakra to help us open our hearts, we will explore different senses through a variety of practice… yes there is chocolate involved! The Lover’s Weekend Workshop is February 18th & 19th. This workshop is for couples to expand their intimacy in unique Tantric ways. We will be doing some partner exercises that assist in opening energetic channels, allowing deeper connections to occur. We will play with energy and explore what is possible as we develop our practices of Loving Ourselves and our Partners in conscious, connected, activated, awakened states of ecstasy.
In March, we have the Explore Your Pelvic Floor Class this is a class for women to activate, awaken and strengthen their pelvic floor by using stone eggs and the ancient art of a Jade Egg Practice. Also in March, Susan G. Branch will be teaching us an Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a unique modality of communication that will help us understand the power of our words and how we can become masters of our languaging.

I love that our conscious community is growing and expanding in the Reno Area. There are so many opportunities for us to explore our spiritual paths. See you soon.

As a special offer, we are extending the Early Bird discount for the Lover’s Weekend Workshop and NLP Workshop until Friday February 3.

Mark your calendars for upcoming Tantra Sacred Loving Events:

February 1, 2017 7:30-9:30 PM — THE LOVE PUJA
February 18-19, 2017 —Lover’s Weekend Workshop
February 26, 2017 8:00-10:00PM —New Moon Fire
March 1, 2017 7:30-9:30 PM – Explore Your Pelvic Floor
March 3-5, 2017 —NLP Workshop with Susan G. Branch
March 18, 2017 A Taste of Tantra Talk at Adam & Eve

Please check out all our upcoming events on the calendar page of Tantra Sacred Loving.

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Love and Blessings to you,
Elite Certified Tantra Educator

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