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Loving Myself Awake February 2017

Tantra Sacred Loving  |  February is for LOVE! Welcome to February Conscious Lovers, Are you ready to spice up your love life? Whether you are in partnership or single, there are techniques and practices you can utilize to bring more pleasure into your body. I highly recommend a morning practice of Loving Myself Awake, it is […]

Santa’s Prayer 

Good Morning Conscious Lovers! Loving Myself Awake is the best way to start this day of Christmas preparation. It is a prayer and meditation!  🎅 “Santa’s Christmas Prayer” 🎅 The sleigh was packed,  the reindeer were fed, But Santa still knelt  by the side of the bed. “Dear Father,” he prayed  “Be with me tonight. There’s […]


Good Morning!Loving Myself Awake on this beautiful morning. Basking in the glow of gratitude and LOVE as the sun rises and awakens the day. My thoughts go to ANGELS which become the focus of today’s meditation.  I feel their presence.  Two ANGELS appeared on the 4th of July. We were heading back to the parking […]


Good Morning. Loving Myself Awake as I contemplate the word DISCOVER.  Each step brings new DISCOVERIES about myself. There are times the journey is challenging and times it is easy, the DISCOVERY of the lessons and gifts are incredible.  What are you DISCOVERING about yourself in this moment? 

Color vibrations

Loving Myself Awake in the presence of colors! Breathing in the vibration and frequency of a variety of colors, allowing myself to expand and open as I release and contract. Exploring the depths within that allow me to see myself in a different perspective, the mind gets busy with story and I take a deep […]

Vibration of Color

Vibration of Color

Loving Myself Awake in the vibration and frequency of color!   

Green Vibrations 

Loving Myself Awake in the presence of this green mandala. Allowing the energy to enter my body through the third eye, the vibration goes through each and every cell. My body quivers with surges of energy, senses alive and activated. Exploring the mysteries of the Universe in this frequency.  “If you want to find the […]

Blissful Moments 

Loving Myself Awake in this beautiful temple space in Mountain View, Californina. Feeling blessed and grateful for the opportunities to expand, explore and live in abundance. Appreciating the beauty of this life.  “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”  ~ Wayne Dyer        

Let’s Dance! 

Loving Myself Awake in Sunnyvale, California. Feeling the cravings for movement in my body. It’s a day to dance and celebrate.  Dance is an incredible modality for moving energy and opening the chakras. Providing the body ways to work through aches and pains, releasing blocked energy and bringing more joy in. Activating muscles and tissue […]

Venus Gazing 

As I lie awake in bed, I begin my morning Loving Myself Awake practice. Venus is shining brightly and twinkling seductively. My attention focuses on this light. It is intriguing, calling me.  I sit up to meditate with Venus as my focus point. I feel the her light streaming into my body, the sensations and […]