Good Morning!Loving Myself Awake on this beautiful morning. Basking in the glow of gratitude and LOVE as the sun rises and awakens the day. My thoughts go to ANGELS which become the focus of today’s meditation. 

I feel their presence.  Two ANGELS appeared on the 4th of July. We were heading back to the parking lot after watching the fireworks downtown. I was pushing my brother on his walker, his legs were tired. As we went down the ramp at the intersection, his weight and the angle of the walker were too much for me to hold upright. He was going down in the street. I was able to counterbalance enough to make the fall slow and easy but then he was lying on his back in the street. Two men appeared and graciously lifted him and the walker upright, checked to make sure we were both ok and then were gone. I am grateful for their assistance and know they were ANGELS. 

I am curious what are your thoughts/beliefs/experiences about ANGELS?