Morning Meditations

Santa’s Prayer 

Good Morning Conscious Lovers! Loving Myself Awake is the best way to start this day of Christmas preparation. It is a prayer and meditation!  🎅 “Santa’s Christmas Prayer” 🎅 The sleigh was packed,  the reindeer were fed, But Santa still knelt  by the side of the bed. “Dear Father,” he prayed  “Be with me tonight. There’s […]


Good Morning!Loving Myself Awake on this beautiful morning. Basking in the glow of gratitude and LOVE as the sun rises and awakens the day. My thoughts go to ANGELS which become the focus of today’s meditation.  I feel their presence.  Two ANGELS appeared on the 4th of July. We were heading back to the parking […]

Happy 4th of July! 

Happy 4th of July!INDEPENDENCE.  It is a day to celebrate our nation’s INDEPENDENCE and freedom. I am proud to be an American. Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks.  Have you read the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE?


Good Morning–Loving Myself Awake with thoughts of what is sacred in my life. What does sacred mean to me? Can I acknowledge everything as sacred? It is a practice of awareness and dedication to remind myself that  every aspect of human nature can be seen as SACRED, even the things we deem “bad”.  Each step […]

Planting the Seeds

Good Morning Friends Happy July! Loving Myself Awake, feeling each breath as I caress my skin. The phrase PLANTING THE SEEDS enters my mind. How do we plant seeds in our life garden ? I am planting appreciation, gratitude, awareness, prosperity, LOVE and consciousness. Cultivating and nurturing these seedlings while noticing other plants that appear. […]


Good Morning. Loving Myself Awake as I contemplate the word DISCOVER.  Each step brings new DISCOVERIES about myself. There are times the journey is challenging and times it is easy, the DISCOVERY of the lessons and gifts are incredible.  What are you DISCOVERING about yourself in this moment? 


Good Morning. Loving Myself Awake contemplating Agape.  AGAPE–AGAPE LOVE. The highest form of love. My crown chakra opens to receive this pure energy, it flows into my energy body, circulates and radiates out from my heart center. It is a feeling of pure joy to integrate and share AGAPE. 

Pleasure is at the Heart of the Tantric Path

I am enjoying this book. I love the format Rudolph Ballentine has chosen, Shiva-Shakti conversation.  Principle 7. Pleasure is at the heart of the tantric path, it has the capacity to heal, and is closely identified with its corollary, play. ~Rudolph Ballentine

Color vibrations

Loving Myself Awake in the presence of colors! Breathing in the vibration and frequency of a variety of colors, allowing myself to expand and open as I release and contract. Exploring the depths within that allow me to see myself in a different perspective, the mind gets busy with story and I take a deep […]

Vibration of Color

Vibration of Color

Loving Myself Awake in the vibration and frequency of color!