Session Testimonials

Your blessed soul is a force that should touch the lives of all who are lucky enough to find their way into the circle of your loving heart. With all the pain that modern life serves as our daily palet, we seek to complete the the canvas that is ourselves, with blurred lines , and drab colors. You teach us to remember life as art. That there are shapes and desighns, hues and shades, without limits, but, for our understanding that they are all around us. we paint the picture of our lives with the reds, blues, and greens of our emotions, captured inside the lines of our visions. You taught me to expand the boarders of the canvas, and to begin leaving behind the fear that kept so many colors beyond my reach. Here’s hope, that others find in you the teacher that I found. And may you show them the colors.

Bathed in the warm light.
~James McD


Lisa is an highly-skilled and exceptionally trained Dakini who brings incredible power, poise and juiciness to her sessions. Her extensive training shines through in her unique blend of spirituality and embodied sexuality grounded in years of meditation practice and self-discovery. She is the perfect guide for beginners and experts alike with her deep understanding of energy, bodies and advanced Tantric practices. Lisa’s profound transmissions in her sessions support you in unveiling the truth of who you are. She is a phenomenal guide, healer and teacher with a high degree of integrity – a true gem in the Tantra world. Treat yourself to her insights and magic revealed in the amazing gifts available in her sessions. ~ Caroline Carrington, Certified Tantra Educator – www.


My session with Lisa was a magical exploration of sensuality in a sacred environment.  Why the word sacred?  Well, I struggled with that word when I first saw it, not knowing exactly what it meant to me, until one day, weeks after my session with her, I finally understood it well enough for me:  it was a sacred space because it was free of pressure and expectation that fill our everyday space.

I did not have to worry about what was right and wrong, or what was fair, as if sensuality were a type of commerce between two people— a feeling, unfortunately, that I often have, and that has kept me entirely focused on pleasing my partners, without taking the time to experience pleasure for my own sake.  I know so many men with the same story– the pressure to please, the pressure to perform, the expectations of a partner, a sense of curious shame at our own desires!

But if space were all it were, it would not nearly be as unique.  Beyond sacred space, I felt a sacred connection with Lisa– a connection likewise free of pressures and expectations.  I never felt as if I was just another client, on the one hand, and I never felt that I was judged.  For a rare instance, I felt I was actually seen as a whole being, neither good, nor bad, just complete.

The session was a slow descent into sensual surrender, a chance to open up, to feel my body as I’d never felt it, and to see my mind in a new light.

Since then, I know of a different way to communicate with sensuality that has changed my relationships.  Made them more honest.  Made them, perhaps, more sacred. ~Dana, Reno, NV


Lisa is an amazing teacher.  She leads gracefully, but with a firm direction.  The first thing I learned was connecting with another human being.  It’s done through focused staring and a willingness to surrender.  Two people become one.  It is very transforming.  In our modern world, we are surrounded by people everywhere we go, yet everyone is in their own little world, often listening to their IPod or talking or texting on their cell phone.  We often feel alone even through we’re surrounded by humanity.  It feels great to connect to someone – really connect.

The second thing I learned was that energy can be generated from your hands and/or your heart.  This energy is like a magic force field that flows from your hands into another person’s body, almost like when a superhero sends a zap force into his opponent, only this is a positive energy that flows into another person, healing and energizing.  Sessions end with one feeling attuned to the universe and alright with the world. ~Mark, Reno, NV