Let’s Dance! 

Loving Myself Awake in Sunnyvale, California. Feeling the cravings for movement in my body. It’s a day to dance and celebrate. 

Dance is an incredible modality for moving energy and opening the chakras. Providing the body ways to work through aches and pains, releasing blocked energy and bringing more joy in. Activating muscles and tissue to feel more alive in the body, allowing awareness of energy and flow. Taking deep breaths and releasing with sound to feel the vibrations. It feels good to be alive! 

But what if you are not comfortable with dance? Dance comes in many forms, styles and  techniques. You can create your own dance making it about moving your body in ways you don’t typically move, it is about exploring yourself.  Put on your favorite music, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Go through the various parts of your body moving at the joints in all directions. For example, become fascinated with your wrists and find all the variations of movement: circles, up and down, side to side, with extended fingers, with closed fist, etc. It’s an experiment to discover what you can do with your body. 

May you dance in love and grace today!