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Good Morning. Loving Myself Awake contemplating Agape.  AGAPE–AGAPE LOVE. The highest form of love. My crown chakra opens to receive this pure energy, it flows into my energy body, circulates and radiates out from my heart center. It is a feeling of pure joy to integrate and share AGAPE. 

Let’s Dance! 

Loving Myself Awake in Sunnyvale, California. Feeling the cravings for movement in my body. It’s a day to dance and celebrate.  Dance is an incredible modality for moving energy and opening the chakras. Providing the body ways to work through aches and pains, releasing blocked energy and bringing more joy in. Activating muscles and tissue […]

Awaken Your Senses

I am thrilled to be co-hosting Awaken Your Senses with Avinash. Join us for an evening of luscious yumminess!  http://youtu.be/S4fnlzrtmbE

June 26, 2014

PLAYING WITH FIRE – Birth of a Goddess You have the allure of a thunderstorm on a summer’s night, and the piercing jolt of a lightning strike. .. When people pass through your force field, your magnetic, nearly diabolical, vibration knocks them off balance and jumbled their thoughts. ~The Pillow Deck Great card for an […]