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Loving Myself Awake February 2017

Tantra Sacred Loving  |  February is for LOVE! Welcome to February Conscious Lovers, Are you ready to spice up your love life? Whether you are in partnership or single, there are techniques and practices you can utilize to bring more pleasure into your body. I highly recommend a morning practice of Loving Myself Awake, it is […]

Venus Gazing 

As I lie awake in bed, I begin my morning Loving Myself Awake practice. Venus is shining brightly and twinkling seductively. My attention focuses on this light. It is intriguing, calling me.  I sit up to meditate with Venus as my focus point. I feel the her light streaming into my body, the sensations and […]

February is For Lovers

Please join Tantra experts Lisa A. Rizzoli and Matk Ray for a weekend of connecting, exploring and expanding in relationship. It’s a Tantra workshop developed to enhance your pleasure.   Get your tickets today https://www.eventbrite.com/e/february-is-for-lovers-weekend-course-for-conscious-lovers-tickets-20244554006  

Bali Day One

Bali Itinerary 2015 Day One, Monday, March 16 Welcome to Bali! Yes, it was a long flight and you’ve been traveling many hours but as you step off the plane, you already feel that something’s different, something’s special. You can’t exactly put your finger on it, but Bali is not like any place you’ve been […]

An Exclusive Offer

Hello Beloved Friends, It’s the trip of a lifetime and you are invited to join Lisa A. Rizzoli and Laza Daka as they lead you on a Tantra Adventure Tour in Bali, Indonesia March 16 – March 25, 2015. This exclusive retreat experience weaves elements of Tantra Yoga, active adventures on a magical island and […]

Ritual at the Mother Temple

Ceremony at the Mother Temple in Bali. We get to experience unique rituals as we explore the magical land of Bali. www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com

Adventures in Bali

At the top of the world, holding an incredible ball of energy in the palms of my hands. Another incredible moment from one of many adventures in Bali, Indonesia. Join us for a Tantra Adventure Tour March 2015. www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com