January 2015

Happy New Year Beloved Friends,

I am looking forward to an incredible year of abundance, adventures and excitement. I hope you will join me in exploring deeper into the spiritual spaces of what is possible. Let’s open doors, step through and see what is beyond our wildest dreams.

On Sunday January 11, 2015 I will be hosting a VisionBoard Playshop followed by the Manifesting Puja. Visionboards are great tools to manifest our dreams, our passions, our desires, and our intentions. They are collages of images that represent what we want to bring into our lives and give us a visual medium to focus our energy on. In this playshop, we will discuss how this technique can be a potent part of planning for the future, how to energize the visionboard and use it to continue to inspire throughout the year. Read more about my personal experience with visionboard manifestation.

6January 19th and January 24th I will teaming up with Caroline Carrington in Oakland, CA to teach Exploring the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation. January 19th is a demonstration class and the 24th is a hands-on experience for the students. For more information please click on the links or you can contact me directly.

And the most exciting upcoming event is the Tantra Adventure tour in Bali, Indonesia. Laz Daka and I have been creating an incredible itinerary and curriculum for this retreat. It is the adventure of a lifetime as we weave Tantra teachings into the exploration of the island’s sacred sites and the Balinese culture. Visit http://www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com for the detailed itinerary. I hope you will join us. Here are a few highlights from previous trips:


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Sunday, January 11 Vision Board Playshop 1:00-4:00PM†

Sunday, January 11 Manifesting Puja 6:00-8:00PM†

Tuesday, January 20 New Moon Fire 8:00-9:00PM*

Saturday, January 24 Workshop in Emeryville, CA 10:00AM-6:00PM

Friday, February 13 Love Puja 7:00-9:00PM†

Tuesday, February 17 New Moon Fire 8:00-9:00PM*


March 16-25, 2015 Embark Upon a Sacred Journey to Bali

Thursday, March 19 New Moon Fire 8:00-9:00PM*

I look forward to your comments on Facebook about your Puja experiences. Please join us on Tantra Sacred Loving Workshop and in our secret group Tantra Sacred Loving.

Let’s play, share and explore in 2015.

With loving gratitude and appreciation,

byline imageLisa A. Rizzoli

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator
* Contact Gene Poplin at 775.560.5096
† Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Ave. #2 Reno, NV 89509