Yin Puja August 6, 2014

This morning I am still vibrating with the intense, yin energy we explored in the Yin Puja last night. An incredible group of extraordinary beings showed up to co-create a magical matrix of sacred space for us to explore, expand and experience the flowing yin energy.

I woke to this beautiful email that touched my soul, sent by Starman who was present with us to shine his beautiful light and share his sweet, loving energy. I am full of love and gratitude and reminded of why I do what I do. Thank you Starman!


I have heard of Puja practiced in many ways for the Honoring something sacred. Often these are Deities of a culture or faith. Tonight and once each month for the past several months I have had the gift of Puja by Lisa. With the guidance of a beautiful spirit and loving being, we have experienced the Puja for the sacred elements of Water, Ether, Fire, Earth and Air. Tonight’s gathering was to honor Yin, The Feminine energy.
​I had thoughts of detailing each process that we were guided through and share the experience of every moment but as I left the group and still as I sit here writing the feelings of the evening seem dance like the facets of a kaleidoscope. Each one connected to the others, individually brilliant while coming together in magnificent harmony and beauty. It is hard to imagine emotions flowing in this way and yet Lisa’s gift seems to be in the holding of this space and creating the movement of energies that opened me into whatever was next. I felt that space was safe, open and loving. As a group we held that same space and moved into each step of the Puja joyfully. An added blessing this evening was a pink light gift by Brenda. I may not describe it’s purpose properly but the sensation that I had was of expanding. It was as if I were more than just in me. Like existing a little beyond this body. It was just a few inches but it was such an unreal feeling. I do think she called it an aura expansion. I have seen such a thing around Ester Hicks many years ago but this was the first time I felt my own. It was pretty cool.
​With this group I felt an incredible loving energy. Surrounded by safe, secure, comfortable, loving energy. Lisa creates a space that is in the moment and the group co-creates that circle of trust and loving energy. As we honored the feminine energy of Yin I felt the important part of that energy was community. Of the many attributes of Feminine energy, I think the nurturing of relationships is paramount. It is the fostering of connection to other beings that is the greatest gift of this loving essence. Tonight was, for me, about connection. Hearts beating as one, one breath, one moment in time shared that seemed to carry us through the evening together and stayed with me long after I drove away.
​The thing that stays with me during the month is the knowing there is a place where love is given and received without an agenda. I gave a hug, a gentle touch and a smile as I gazed into the eyes of a bearded man or a beautiful young woman and we understood that it was about sharing in this moment and not a prelude to a dinner invitation. In the day to day world such physical connections as I had in the group would be met with suspicions like what do I want? What is the game or I might have violated someone’s boundaries by looking into their eyes. But on this night for a little while I gave and received love through the eyes that I gazed into the hands that I touched and those that touched me. Then we parted and I feel more loved and gave more love in a couple of hours of Lisa’s guidance than In the rest of the month combined. I think of how often my day lacks a single human touch and know that is not how we are meant to be. But for tonight and as long as I can make it last, my loving cup is full and I will do all I can to keep it full and pass it on.
August 6, 2014

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