Good Morning. Loving Myself Awake contemplating Agape.  AGAPE–AGAPE LOVE. The highest form of love. My crown chakra opens to receive this pure energy, it flows into my energy body, circulates and radiates out from my heart center. It is a feeling of pure joy to integrate and share AGAPE. 


What is grief?A reflection of love.  The more deeply one loves, the deeper the grief.  Appreciating the grief knowing the depths of LOVE.  It’s safe to grieve.  It’s safe to love. 

I Love Receiving Testimonials. 

I recently received this email from a man who came to me for a private Tantra session. I am grateful for the gifts I have been given and for all the people who have said YES to opening and having this experience. This is why I do what I do. Your blessed soul is a force […]

Yamas Puja

   This series of Puja, exploring the yamas, have been extraordinary events. I love diving into the teachings of these spiritual principles so I can present and share them with the puja participants.  I have been enjoying the pre-puja mantra chanting as well. Mantra practice opens the channels and brings more vibration and sensation into […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks and counting blessings today, May you life be filled will abundance, joy, happiness, love and bliss. And may your experiences be felt deeper and richer than ever before.

True Beauty

Breathing into true beauty today as I gaze upon this drawing. Enjoy your day making letters in the sand.

Love Letters

Breathing into today’s message.

Yin Puja August 6, 2014

This morning I am still vibrating with the intense, yin energy we explored in the Yin Puja last night. An incredible group of extraordinary beings showed up to co-create a magical matrix of sacred space for us to explore, expand and experience the flowing yin energy. I woke to this beautiful email that touched my […]