September 2014

Hello Beloved Friends,

August has been full of expanding experiences and adventures. Our Yin Puja was beyond words. This group of participants was exception in co-creating a space of loving energy that was extremely powerful for us to explore the dynamics and characteristic of YIN energy. Please read the puja experience told by Starman, his testimonial is why I love this work.  I am looking forward to seeing how the YANG puja unfolds. Please bring a drum, a rattle or any other instrument that you calls you, as we will expand our experience of YANG energy.  Super exciting!!!

IMG_0130My heart is full of love and gratitude for having incredible opportunities to teach with the most amazing Tantricas. I have recently been in Boulder Creek, CA  teaching at Source School of Tantra  with Charles Muir, the Pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the United States,TJ BartelJudith Shavini Davis and Leah Alchin.  I feel blessed and honored to being a part of this team, which reminds me of my passion for Tantra, a powerful modality of spirituality and healing.  Witnessing the transformations of students opens my heart even more and thrills me in so many ways.


The day after I returned home, my youngest daughter gave birth to twin girls, welcome to the world Lillyann and Amylia.IMG_0131

IMG_0132Three days later my son married his beautiful lady. Our family has expanded quickly in a few days. The blessings continue to present themselves in the most exquisite ways. I look forward to hearing about your incredible August adventures, please feel free to send me an email and let me know how your summer has unfolded.

I would like to ask for you creative juices, I am looking for suggestions for themes for the October, November and December puja. I would love to hear your suggestions. I will offer a free entry to a puja if your theme is the first chosen.


Wednesday September 3, 2014    7:00PM Yang Puja

Wednesday September 24, 20148:00PM September New Moon Fire*

I look forward to your comments on Facebook about your Puja experiences. Please join us on Tantra Sacred Loving Workshop and in our secret group Tantra Sacred Loving.

Blessings to you and see you at the next Puja!

head_shot_2014_smallLisa A. Rizzoli

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator

* Contact Gene Poplin at 775.560.5096

† Gerber Medical Clinic   1225 Westfield Ave. #2    Reno, NV 89509