The Torajan Legend of Buntu Kabobong or Gunung Nona

Legend has it that the mountains are “ladders” between people and the Creator. The highest caste family of Pong Mula Tau lived in the valley. Pong Mula Tau had two children, a boy and a girl. As the children became of age, the father began a search for suitable marriage partners, but could not find anyone acceptable. He decided to marry the children to each other. 

The mother disagreed with this decision. Pong Mula Tau sent a servant up the ladder to seek permission from The Creator. The servant took it upon himself to not go to the Creator but told Pong Mula Tau that the Creator said it was a good idea. 

The family began preparations for the wedding. The night before the wedding there was a horrible earthquake which broke the ladder. The mountain came apart in the shapes of kabunian baine and ” kabunian muane and are forever separated  by a river. The entire family of Pong Mula Tau became fish and continue to live in the river. ~Julius 

And so, marriage pamali were created for the Torajan people. 

Torajan Language lesson:
buntu = mountain
kabobong = young unmarried woman 
kabunian baine = female genitalia
kabunian muane = male genitalia
kabunian =  something we are hiding
baine = woman
muane = man
buto = slang for penis
tellek = slang for vagina
pamali = taboo, not permitted

Indonesian language lesson:
gunung = mountain
nona = young unmarried woman