Sanur Beach Meditation

Today’s sunrise meditation occurred at the beach in Sanur Beach in Bali, Indonesia.   As darkness fills with light, sounds shift from frogs singingto roosters crowing.  As darkness fills with light,sensations shift from coolnessto warmth. As darkness fill with light, scents shiftfrom dampness and mossy smellsto flowery fragrances of the blossoms.  As darkness fills with light, colors shiftfrom dark indigos, […]

The Torajan Legend of Buntu Kabobong or Gunung Nona

Legend has it that the mountains are “ladders” between people and the Creator. The highest caste family of Pong Mula Tau lived in the valley. Pong Mula Tau had two children, a boy and a girl. As the children became of age, the father began a search for suitable marriage partners, but could not find […]

Torajan Traditional Name: How I came to be NeNathan

When a child is born in Toraja it is given the name “Lei” for a girl or “Tato” for a boy. Around one year old the child is given it’s formal name. Once a couple has a child the mother’s name becomes “Indo + child’s name”, mother of … , father becomes “Ambe’ + child’s […]

Balinese Cremation Ceremony

There are many, many spiritual ceremonies in Bali as the Balinese are dedicated and committed to maintaining their spirituality in this world. I was invited to attended a double cremation ceremony at the beach. I wore my tradition Balinese ceremony outfit; a special sarong, a kabala (brocade blouse) and sash. The Balinese prepared the temple […]

Arriving in Bali

After a long journey, I have arrived in Bali, Indonesia. It began with a five hour drive from Reno to Sunnyvale. I left my house at 6:30am February 18, 2015, drove to Auburn to meet one of the tour members. She lives in the countryside of Auburn. The trees and fields awakened my senses and […]

Bali Day 10 Day Ten, Wednesday, March 25 After early teachings and breakfast, our group gathers for pickup and transport to the docks of Tanjung Benoa. Today is the group’s final day together and your final adventure is a day of snorkeling among the teeming reefs and pristine waters off Nusa Penida, considered one of the best […]

Bali Day 9 Day Nine, Tuesday, March 24 This morning after teachings and a quick breakfast, the group boards a shuttle to the ferry landing to catch the boat to Nusa Penida. Directly to the east of south Bali, across the Badung Strait, between Bali and Lombok, are the three sister islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan […]

Bali Day 8 Day Eight, Monday, March 23 Yaaaawwwnnnn… It’s a 1:00 AM wakeup call and hotel check out. At 2:00 AM you and your companions depart for the trek to the top of Gunung Batur at an altitude of 1717 meters (5633 feet). Your hike begins around 3:00 AM with a professional local guide who expertly […]

Bali Day 6 Day Six, Saturday, March 21 Whereas the night before Nyepi is raucous, rowdy and fun, Nyepi itself stands in stark contrast. Nyepi is the Balinese New Year and is known as the Day of Silence. At 6:00 AM, the entire Island essentially shuts down for 24 hours. This is the day to apply what […]

Bali Day 5

Day Five, Friday, March 20 After teachings and breakfast, the rest of the day is devoted to learning about Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Healing led by Lisa and Laz. We will have dinner together followed by a very special treat – the annual Ogoh-ogoh parade, Bali’s New Years Eve celebration. Today is the day before […]