Torajan Traditional Name: How I came to be NeNathan

When a child is born in Toraja it is given the name “Lei” for a girl or “Tato” for a boy. Around one year old the child is given it’s formal name. Once a couple has a child the mother’s name becomes “Indo + child’s name”, mother of … , father becomes “Ambe’ + child’s name” , father of … This only applies to the first born child. 

Once grandchildren are born both the grandmother and grandfather become  “Nene + name of first born grandchild” or “Ne + grandchild’s name”. 

This lady is a traditional weaver in this village. When she was born, she was called “Lei” then given the name “Mappa”, her first child was born and she became “Indo Pattay” (her first born is named Pattay). When her first grandchild was named “Ita” and she became “Ne Ita” which is what she is called today even though she now has great- grandchildren.

For me:
     Indo Nicole

     Ne Nathan