September 2012

Hello Beloved Friends,

I’ve been contemplating on what to write this month. Personally, I have been on a tremendous growth journey with many twists, turns, loops, highs and lows. It seems many people have been going through challenges and I find it interesting to witness our reactions to various situations and experiences.  It is a time of transitions and transformations, what are you calling into your life?

I’ve noticed, for me, it’s whatever I am focusing on that appears in my life. The Law of Attraction at work. It can be an amazing and powerful experience and brings me to a place of realizing how important it is for me to be grounded, centered and practicing spiritual principles. My daily yoga, breathing and Tantra exercises help me to stay in the place of peace and serenity even in midst of perceived chaos, drama and turmoil. I ask myself, “WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?” I learned this from a dear friend, Charles, while I was traveling in Peru. I choose to be in the LOVE space and I choose to release that which does not serve me and help me to remain in LOVE. It is an excellent tool, I highly recommend trying it the next time you feel out of balance—“WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?”

The Healing Powers Puja in August was an experience of self-healing and shamanic journeying. As the facilitator, I am blessed with the gift of witnessing the transformations that occur in the energy in the room. We explored the healing powers of our energy and the incredible ability we have to shed our past that haunts us and summon who we are becoming.  Thank you for sharing your energy and participating in this incredible journey.

I encourage you to explore your energies in the full moon this month—it is also a Blue moon. I will be connecting my sexual energies with my spirituality in a sacred fire ritual. How will you cultivate and nurture yourself on this blessed event?

Upcoming Events:

August 31                  FULL MOON

Blue Moon experience—feel into the energies and LOVE

September 19           ILLUMINATION PUJA

Expanding Our Luminous Energy Field*   7:00-9:00PM             $10.00

September 16           NEW MOON FIRE      8:30PM   Potluck at 6:30PM               FREE

At Gene Poplin’s for more information please call Gene 775-560-5096

October 19                 THRILLER PUJA

Spirits, Spiders and Tarot*                           7:00-9:00PM                         $10.00

*These events will be at the Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Avenue. Please join us on this journey of spiritual growth, radiating light, unconditional love and more happiness in the world. Register today.

If you would like to be added to our Tantra Sacred Loving Closed Group on FaceBook, send me a FaceBook message. This group is for those interested in the Healing Arts, Conscious Connection, and Spiritual Practices. Members are encouraged to participate and interact with one another consciously, kindly and lovingly.

May your journey be filled with JOY, BLISS and HAPPINESS.

Blessings of Love & Light