August 2012

Hello Beloved Friends,

It’s been an interesting homecoming after an amazing journey in Peru. I’ll share with you a bit of my experience in South America. I arrived in Lima and connected with another flight to Puerto Maldonado where I was met by the staff of Four Winds Society. We went in an open-air bus to a nearby dock to board a boat that would take us down river for about an hour and half to the Eco Lodge where I would be residing for the next week. The Eco Lodge consisted of several cottages, a huge dinning hall, a meeting area and incredible trails that go deeper into the jungle. Naturally, the adventurer I am had to explore those trails. I set out early in the morning, after my yoga, breathing and meditation practice, to see where the trail would take me. While the sounds of the jungle can be rather intimidating while hiking alone in the Amazon, I recognized most of them and felt very comfortable. The diversity of the plants and bugs astonished me as I realized how incredible the planet is. I hiked for about 3 miles and came upon a large lake. The Eco Lodge had built scaffolding, which I climbed up and watched the mist rise as the sun came up over the canopy. I half expected a dinosaur to lift its head—it didn’t happen. I did see a small snake, a tarantula and her babies, caiman, fish, turtles, monkeys, macaws and other incredible birds, and I heard wild boars romping about in the jungle.

After the jungle, I traveled into the Andes to visit sacred Incan sites and participate in daily ceremonies and receive sacred rites from the local Shaman. We stayed in Urubumba at the base of the Andes, a magnificent range of sacred mountains, and traveled to different locations every day including Machu Picchu, Ollantytambo, Puma Marca, Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon and many others. Being in these places with the people is an experience that awakens my senses and brings me deeper into my spirituality, reminding me that I am connected, whole and complete in each and every moment.

Now that I am home, for a little bit, I am remembering to breathe deeply, feel into the moment and LOVE unconditionally and whole-heartedly. To live my life to the fullest potential for my highest good and to serve others for their highest good.

I was sent the following and wanted to share with you. It is perfect for what I have been experiencing in my life since returning from Peru. I encourage you to feel into this for yourself and your relationships and discover what it means for you. It comes from the Power Path School of Shamanism:

Relationships could see power struggles depending on the nature of the relationship. There is also an opportunity to empower relationships with more truth, creativity, joy, freedom, choice, love and attention. It is important to try and take the expectations out of the equation. It will become clear once you take your power back from relationships where you have been giving it over, whether the relationship is still viable.

Some relationships have been built on an imbalanced platform of power where one person has given their power away. Once the power is taken back, the relationship either has to reconfigure a new platform or dissolve. Reconfiguring a new platform usually requires a time of separation or disconnection to be successful.

Last month’s puja was very playful and intense. We frolicked, we laughed, we discovered. Expanding and exploring our connection with Source, providing insight into our decision-making process and our behaviors. I am looking forward to our upcoming pujas and what the energy brings.

Upcoming  Events:

August 15                  HEALING POWERS PUJA

A Shamanic Journey *                                  7:00-9:00PM                         $10.00

August 17                  NEW MOON FIRE                                          8:00PM                      FREE

At Gene Poplin’s for more information please call Gene 775-560-5096

September 19           ILLUMINATION PUJA

Expanding Our Luminous Energy Field*   7:00-9:00PM             $10.00

*These events will be at the Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Avenue. Please join us on this journey of spiritual growth, radiating light, unconditional love and more happiness in the world. Register today.

If you would like to be added to our Tantra Sacred Loving Closed Group on FaceBook, send me a FaceBook message. This group is for those interested in the Healing Arts, Conscious Connection, and Spiritual Practices. Members are encouraged to participate and interact with one another consciously, kindly and lovingly.

May your journey be filled with JOY, BLISS and HAPPINESS.

Blessings of Love and Light,