July 2012

Hello Beloved Friends,

I am writing this in flight at 37,000 feet on my way to Peru. I will be traveling into the Amazon Jungle and then up into the Sacred Valley where I will be with the Shamans of these cultures. I very excited to be exploring this part of the world on a spiritual journey and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

In flight, I am sitting next to a man traveling with his 4 year old daughter and the energy is delightful. We begin a light conversation until his daughter falls asleep and then the conversation deepens and we share our views of sexuality. He has some VERY interesting tattoos and piercings which intrigue and excite me. My curiosity is ignited and he graciously shows them to me, as our conversation deepens and intensifies. It is a wonderful connection. I am very grateful for the opportunity to explore the human experience with, what appears on the surface, a perfect stranger. We know it is a profound interaction that has bonded us in a very unique way. He is an amazing father and kindred spirit. I love being open to the possibilities of connection.

The June Creativity Puja Exploring With Tarot Cards was a new, exciting, and fun experience. We raised our creative energies, exploring the archetypes of the cards and how they are operating in our lives. Dancing, laughing and connecting with one another to deepen our connection with our inner self and discovering the self-love and creativity that resides within each of us. Afterwards, several of us went to enjoy each other’s company while reveling in the sweet delights of the most amazing cookie bomb. Thank you for sharing your energies and for all the birthday blessings.

I am excited for the next Puja – Intuition Puja Connecting With Source July 18th 7:00PM at Gerber Medical Center. I will be bringing Peruvian Shamanic energies and sharing some incredible experiences. I look forward to sharing with you and encourage you to invite others to join us. Register today.

The following evening will be the New Moon Fire at Gene’s (775) 560-5096. I am ready to release more thesis papers into the fire. What are you ready to release?

I’ll be off the grid for the next couple weeks. I look forward to reconnecting with this beloved community upon my return.

Blessings of Love & Light,