June 2012

Hello Beloved Friends,

The weather is beautiful and sunshiny here in Reno. It is a great time for exploring the wonders of the incredible places we choose to visit. I will be traveling to Peru at the end of June to experience the Amazon and the Andes with local shamans. I am getting excited for this adventure and look forward to sharing it with you. I would love to hear about your adventures as well. Feel free to send me a message telling me about what you are doing and experiencing.

Since my return from Bali, I have continued to have a daily shaking practice and I will be facilitating a BioEnergy Shaking course through TMCC in the fall. This is very exciting news and you are welcome to join me on this journey. The following is a description of the class:

Awaken the sacred fire within, open your heart and connect to your Divine Self with Bioenergy Shaking. Shaking is one the world’s most ancient, natural and powerful healing traditions. The goal of practicing Bioenergy Shaking Meditation is to awaken the sacred kundalini fire, the untapped dormant energy that resides in all of us. Once awakened, its function is to cleanse us on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, as it burns away any negative blocks we may be holding. The resulting effects are a revitalized body, renewed cells, greater feelings of peace and harmony on an emotional level and greater clarity of thought within the mind.

The practice manifests as movement of the body. While listening to music, we stand and begin to shake our bodies to encourage the flow of kundalini. Following the very high vibration of this energy, we may feel the body begin to shake, move, spin, and even laugh, spontaneously. This feels amazing; some describe it as feeling like heat in the body or a feeling of electricity or fire inside. Others say, it feels like connecting with their soul, the God inside, their original self.

This practice has been powerfully revived under the guidance of the Spiritual Master, Ratu Bagus, who holds ongoing shaking sessions at his ashram in Bali.

Ratu teaches us that greater understanding of ourselves happens not with the mind but when we allow the energy to connect with a much deeper part of ourselves – through our own experience. There is no right or wrong way to shake, we simply allow the energy to move us naturally as we let go and connect with our higher self. This energy is complete as it works on many levels, with an emphasis on practice, rather than theory or technique.

May was a busy month with several delicious offerings for the local tantra community.  The Gratitude Puja enabled us to explore the gifts we receive from others, even those we consider to be difficult or undesirable. This was a powerful practice in removing our judgments, changing our perspectives and uncovering the gifts that lie beneath the surface and then finding gratitude and appreciation for these amazing life lessons. It can be very challenging to find the gold through all the ore, it is well worth the effort to release and discover.

Next was the ENDLESS BLISS workshop where we explored authentic communication, nurturing touch and sacred connection. Thank you Kevin Brizendine for your wonderful presentation of CLEAN TALK and its applications in our daily lives. I especially loved exploring with fruit; feeding one another, very sensual and exquisitely delicious.  After the workshop, a few of us went to dinner and then the Advanced Puja began. It was extremely yummy. Sensual touch and dancing and of course we each received a 12 handed massage—oooohhhhh my!  I look forward to our next adventure in this amazing Tantra Community that we are co-creating. Thank you to all who participated in body and spirit.

Upcoming Tantra Sacred Loving events:

June 4th          FULL MOON FIRE                                          8:00PM                      FREE

                        At Gene Poplin’s, for more information please call Gene 775-560-5096

June 20th        Creativity Puja

Exploring with Tarot Cards                         7:00-9:00PM             $10.00

July 18th        Intuition Puja

Exploring the Messages from Source         7:00-9:00 PM            $10.00

These Pujas will be at the Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Avenue. Please join us on this journey of spiritual growth; radiating light, unconditional love and more happiness in the world. Register today.

Also, if you would like to be added to our Tantra Sacred Loving closed group on FaceBook, send me a FaceBook message. This group is for those interested in the Healing Arts, Conscious Connection, and Spiritual Practices. Members are encouraged to participate and interact with one another consciously, kindly and lovingly.

I look forward to sharing more LOVE energies with you! May your journey be filled with joy BLISS and happiness.

Blessings of Love & Light