June 2013

Hello my beloved friends,
My plan was to write the newsletter every full moon and talk about the full moon ceremony. However, things in my life shifted drastically and I’m a bit off schedule.
After returning from Bali, I went into a deep, dark place of disparity, desperation and depression. I cried every day and felt my energies were completely depleted. Some were calling out the dark night of the soul. I called upon my spiritual healing community. I did a past life regression, several Reiki sessions, Tantra sessions, Shamanic sessions, therapy sessions and more. I would feel better for a brief time and then the pummel into the sadness, often darker than before. I prayed for things to change.

A few weeks ago, I was lying in bed feeling I could not get up when I received a phone call from my dear friend of 38 years. She has been battling cancer for four years. She needed me to come to the hospital to be with her. I forced myself to get up and go to her. It was the moment that the light began to return. At the hospital, she made the decision to stop treatments and go under Hospice care. I am now spending 3 nights and 1-2 days a week being her caregiver and sharing precious moments together.

My perspective on life has shifted. As I lay next to her at night, I find a place of deep gratitude for the life I live. A life that I can be with my friend to witness and hold her as she journeys on this path of the greatest transition. I have also come to honor the darkness. For me, it is in the deep, dark earth that seeds are planted and begin to grow. From the depths of the darkness, the beauty of growth comes.  Remember what is important in this life. For me, it’s the relationships that I nurture and cultivate.

The next puja is the sacral chakra puja- pleasure. We will be experiencing, awakening and activating our second chakra. I’m very excited to raise the energy and rejoice in our right to have pleasure. Please wear orange, the color associated with the 2nd chakra. It’s on June 21, the day before my birthday, I invite you to join us afterwards for a special celebration of sweet delights.

I look forward to our adventures and to sharing in this amazing life. With Love and Gratitude, I wish you a pleasant journey.

Upcoming Events: 
Sacral Chakra Puja* ~ Pleasure                              Friday, June 21               7-9PM

Solar Plexus Chakra Puja* ~ Transformation          Wednesday, July 3          7-9PM

Blessings of Love & Light,

* These events will be held at Gerber Medical Clinic, 1225 Westfield Ave. 2nd Floor, Reno, NV 89509

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