May 2013

Hello Beloved Tantra Sacred Loving Friends,

Incredible full moon energy this month. I have been basking in the moonbeams and soaking in the sweet delights and moon-ifesting. My friend Kara Mari Ananda says:
“The four steps of moon-ifestation are: Gratitude, Clearing, Visioning, and Action. When these steps are consciously practiced in alignment with the Full Moon, Waning Moon, New Moon, and Waxing Moon, it accelerates the achievement of goals, healing, and success.”
I have been dancing, singing, howling and frolicking in this full moon energy and moon-ifesting my next adventure.

While in Bali, I had an incredible spiritual experience I would like to share:
I was snorkeling in the Java Sea near Komodo Island. It was storming and raining.  We were in open waters, no sight of land. I was nervous about snorkeling  in the deep waters but jumped in when they told us to get in the water. I swam about, not able to see very much and thinking, “this is rather crazy”. Then I looked up; I could not see my companions or the boat or land. In that moment, I felt alone and frightened in the vastness. I recognized the fear and knew I could allow myself to go into  a full-blown panic but instead  I surrendered to my fears. I felt a bubble surround me, as if I was in the womb of my mother. I felt a deep serenity and knew I was safe in the LOVE and nurturing of the waters that surrounded me. It was true bliss as my sacred waters flowed in delight at feeling so much love, love of the Divine. After some period of time, I felt a presence beneath me. I opened my eyes to see a huge, majestic manta ray. I was in complete awe at the incredible beauty and grace. It swam beneath me, I heard a voice say, “follow me”. It led me back to the boat and then swam away.
Surrender is the key. When I am feeling the chaos rise up and the fears flaring, I will practice the breath of surrender and feel into the LOVE. The manta has shown me the way.

At the Renewal Puja, we explored in the realms of playfulness, connection, reflection, integrity, respect, boundaries and touch. It warms my heart and brightens my spirit as I witness people opening to one another and discovering more about themselves. Thank you for sharing yourself and being a part of this community.
We will be exploring, opening, expanding and deepening our understanding of our chakras in the next few Pujas. Join us in the sacred space of Puja to learn more about who you really are. See you soon.

Upcoming Events: 
Root Chakra Puja* ~ Support                                  Friday, May 17               7-9PM

Sacral Chakra Puja* ~ Pleasure                              Friday, June 21               7-9PM

Solar Plexus Chakra Puja* ~ Transformation          Wednesday, July 3          7-9PM

Gene will not be hosting a New moon fire in May as he is visiting family and attending graduations.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Chakra Pujas 2013