July 2013

Hello Beloved Tantra Community,

I am so excited to watch our community grow. As we grow and work together, I would like to start doing more activities and explore Tantra in other ways.  June and July have been busy months. I continue to take care of my girlfriend as she goes through her transition. Each time I go to be with her is a new experience. Some days there is pain we breathe through, other days there is sleep and peacefulness, and some days we chat endlessly. We have shared some amazing moments together, in the past and present. We laugh, we cry, we eat and we sleep together. It is a blessing to share this part of the journey with her.

Currently, I am traveling to Florida to attend Level 3 Ipsalu Kriya Tantra Yoga workshop. Before going to Florida, I am visiting the Level 1 Source School of Tantra Teacher Training course to say “hello” to friends, meet new people and be in the incredible TANTRA energy of the workshop. Charles Muir has asked me to be the Dakini for the Level 2 Teacher Training course in August. I am deeply honored to be in this community and for the opportunities the Universe presents.

The energies in the 2nd Chakra Puja in June were extraordinary as we were experiencing the solstice, a super-moon and the energies of my birthday. We shared our creative, life force energies of our 2nd chakras with one another in a beautiful, loving, honoring ritual of nurturing touch. We began with a meditation and then raised our energies in a circle of orgasmic, fire breath followed by a crystal singing bowl vibration and an incredible invocation. It was a great evening of energy, vibration and honoring.

On Monday July 8, 2013, a few of us celebrated the New Moon with a Fire Ceremony.  We had a crystal singing bowl session prior to the fire ceremony. There were 8 of us present, one person per crystal bowl (each bowl is toned to a chakra) and one person lying in the middle of the circle receiving the amazing love and vibration that filled the air. It is a powerful experience that I highly recommend. Afterwards we went to the fire, which was incredibly HOT and intense. The New Moon is in now in Cancer; it is a time to focus on nurturing and an opportunity to clearly begin focusing on our intentions and expanding our visions.

The next puja is scheduled for July 24th, we will be visiting the 3rd Chakra—the power center. Please wear yellow and be prepared to explore your power and energies.

Upcoming Events:

 Solar Plexus Chakra Puja – Transformation     Wednesday, July 24th     7:00-9:00PM     Gerber Medical Clinic
August New Moon Fire     Tuesday, August 6th     8:00-9:00PM     Gene Poplin’s *
September New Moon Fire     Thursday, September 5th     8:00-9:00PM    Gene Poplin’s *
*Contact Gene at          775.560.5096

I am beginning to put together the next Tantra Adventure Tour in Bali for March/April 2014. I am getting excited and look forward to sharing the information with you soon.

I encourage you to nourish and nurture yourself as you step into your life, a fulfilling journey of bliss and joy.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Lisa A. Rizzoli

2013 July