January 2013

Hello Beloveds,

Happy New Year. In this newsletter I want to share an exquisite experience I had recently:

I journey into the deep cave of the Ancient One. It was not dark but like the night sky with luminescent creatures on the walls.  Their light was amazingly bright, glittery and cheerful. As I continued on my path, I noticed overwhelming feelings of content, joy and giddiness.

The deeper I traveled the lighter it became. I reached an inner chamber with a fire pit. There were sticks strategically placed, ready to have a flame touch them so that they may burn. I sat before the pit in meditation. When I opened my eyes there was a fire starter to my right side. I lit the torch and brought the flame to the awaiting sticks. They accepted the flame and began to do their own dance, letting go of their current form and transforming. The flames were mesmerizing as they flickered and twirled and did their unique tango. As I watched, I began to see “the man”, a spirit friend of mine who visits from time to time. He is in the flames and he is talking to me, not with words. His message is repeated over and over.

Different symbols leap from the fire and attach to objects around the cave. The walls, the ceiling, rocks, stalagmites, stalactites, droplets of water, and some are suspended in the air. They are everywhere and when they stop leaping from the flames there is a moment of stillness. In the stillness, all is calm and serene, and the symbols begin to glow. Dully at first, then growing. The intensity of their light shines so brightly it is shocking. As I relax into the brightness, I begin to notice the vibration the symbols are giving off, the vibration of the fire, the vibration of the earth, the vibration of the air, the vibration within my body. From the ceiling strands of black, red, gold, silver and white descend and wrap themselves around my aura. I feel cocooned in their protection, love and support.  I know I am home.

2013 is the year of the snake, shedding of the old skin and revealing the new. I have been manifesting Tantra Adventure Tours; however, Embark Upon a Sacred Journey has become the reality.  The first adventure will be in Bali March 29-April 6, 2013. Please check out the website and join me in Bali for the Tantra Adventure of a lifetime.

I am looking forward to sharing more LOVE with you in 2013.

Upcoming Events:

January 11       Gene’s New Moon Fire 7:00pm
call Gene Poplin for more information – 775.560.5096

January 16       Surrender Puja – Release and Let Go* 7-9 PM

February 8       Love Puja – Opening the Heart*† 7-9 PM

February 9       Valentine’s Workshop – Opening Deeper to the Love*† 1-4:30 PM

February 9     Advanced Puja – Exploring, Experiencing, & Expanding the Love*† 6-9 PM

 *These events will be at the Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Avenue. Please join us on this journey of spiritual growth, radiating light, unconditional love and more happiness in the world. Register today.
† Register for all three of these events for only $100 (a savings of $10).

If you would like to be added to our Tantra Sacred Loving Closed Group on FaceBook, send me a FaceBook message. This group is for those interested in the Healing Arts, Conscious Connection, and Spiritual Practices. Members are encouraged to participate and interact with one another consciously, kindly and lovingly.

May your journey be filled with JOY

Blessings of Love & Light


Jan-Feb 2013