February 2013

Hello Beloved Tantra Friends, 

2013… The year of the snake. Shedding our old skin and embracing the new, vibrant, supple one has proven to be quite an experience for me. Exciting new adventures have been unfolding and developing. Last year I was manifesting Tantra Adventure Tours, as the process evolved Embark Upon A Sacred Journey emerged and the first tour for Bali has launched with a new website and Facebook Page. I invite you to visit and look forward to your comments.

This Adventure tour will incorporate Tantra Yoga spiritual principles into amazing adventures in Bali. Here is a quick look:

How much can you possibly expand? A journey through our chakras while moving physically through sacred sites and rites. Imprint and embody Tantra into every cell of your being. Translate the knowledge of Tantra into a physical expression as we delve deep into each chakra with daily meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama breathing practices, dialog, inquiry, and nurturing while pushing our edges with physical activation and full body integration experienced on our daily journeys.

Day One & Two – Align our 5th chakras and set the foundation for the epic adventure ahead! Find your voice and speak your truth with the practice of authentic communication and healing sounds.

Day Three – Awaken your 3rd chakra power center with our Jungle Trek to a mysterious sacred spot. Find strength in the ability to surrender. 

Day Four – Activate your 1st chakra and ground to the earth with the day’s bike tour. Feel your connection to the Mother.

Day Five – Open your Heart as we travel to the Mother Temple (the heart of Bali) and open our 4th chakra to our deepest desires. This day of sacred ceremony and purification ritual prepares us for the expansion of the heart chakra while we make prayers and offerings. Invite Infinite Possibilities.

Day Six  – Experience expansion at the top of the world as we open our 7th chakra on our early morning volcano hike. Sun salutations at sunrise with a breathtaking view. Allow the golden glimmering light to infuse your aura. Afterwards, we will descend into the waters of the womb. Melt and completely relax as you are held by the nurturing hot springs at the base of the sacred volcano.

Day Seven – Ignite your Passion and your 2nd chakra with a day of white water rafting. Tap into the fluidity of your creative life force energy and come alive.

Day Eight – Integrate newfound perspectives by opening your 6th chakra and tapping into your inner sight and intuition with a day of snorkeling.

Day Nine – Assimilate the week of activating, connecting and expanding. Give your bodies the sustenance and deep nourishment they crave. Feel energized and alive like never before.

Breathe into the possibility. Allow the dream to become a reality. Honor the Beloved – YOU! Gift yourself this magical opportunity and allow yourself to experience every moment as a Tantric prayer.

The Surrender Puja in January brought awareness to the power of letting go of that which no longer serves. We created beautiful safe space for one another, holding each other in utmost honor, bringing awareness to issues that no longer serve and setting the intention to “let it go”.  The energy of the LOVE in the room was palpable. I invite you to join us for the LOVE PUJA February 8th and let’s see where we can take this energy 

It is the month of LOVE and I am hosting a Valentine’s Workshop on February 9th. In this workshop we will explore concepts of authentic communication, nurturing touch and sacred connection. I am thrilled to welcome Anastasia Bobadilla who will be guiding us in Thai Massage and yummy partner yoga. We will have light refreshments available for you to nurture your body as we nurture our spiritual connection.

Following the Valentine’s Workshop, there will be an ADVANCED PUJA. This Puja is for the more experienced students; please contact me regarding registration. We will be delving deeper into the exploration of some Tantra Yoga concepts. We will bring up the energies and ignite the power of manifestation and intention. We will engage Tantric techniques to heighten the energetic experience. I welcome you to join us in this safe, sacred space to explore more of who you are!

Upcoming Events:

Love Puja ~ Opening the Heart*                        February 8th     7:00-9:00PM 

Valentine’s Workshop*                                      February 9th     1:00-4:30PM

Advanced Puja ~ Exploring,  Experiencing & Expanding*    February 9th     7:00-9:00PM

Wholeness Puja ~ Exploring Totality*               March  6th     7:00-9:00PM

Renewal Puja ~ Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Revitalization*    April 24th     7:00-9:00PM

*All events will be held at Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Ave. 2nd floor  Reno, NV

We will not have a new moon fire in February as our fire master, Gene Poplin, will be traveling in Hawaii. Aloha Gene!

May your days be filled with sweet delights and exquisitely blissful moments.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Lisa A. Rizzoli, ACTE