December 2012

Hello Beloved Friends,

I am writing this newsletter in the wee hours of the morn from my hotel room in Niagara Falls. I have another day here then a train ride to visit friends in Albany, New York and Newark and then catching a plane to explore a portion of India. Traveling is one of my passions. I love to experience new places, people and energies. The inspiration continues to fascinate me as I realize it is ALWAYS available.

Waking up to witness Orion suspended in space above the mist of Niagara Falls, the roaring of the river and the crashing of the water as it plunges over the edge, the sweetness of the air and a sense of deep serenity.  I am open.

Orion continues his journey across the sky, the mist continues to rise, the river continues to flow, I continue to breathe as the sun begins to rise, bringing the shift from night to day.

My thoughts are about negative ions and their effects on serotonin. As I think about looking it up on the Internet, I realize I have access to an abundance of information when I become quiet in my mind and listen to the inner compass. Becoming present in this moment allows me to feel and sense the presence of the magnificence around me. The sacredness of each and every element presented. How deep can I go? How rich is this information? How BIG is BIG?

I am grateful for the participation and presence, both  physical and energetic, of the people who attended The Gratitude Puja in November.  Exploring different levels of gratitude and how lessons show up in our lives is impressive when we become open, willing and accepting.

The next PUJA is on December 14, 2012. The theme is PRESENCE: Unwrapping the Gift.  We will practice the art of being in this moment to enhance the experience, to bring more joy and delight, to better our relationships and to be more productive.
Let’s discover the gift of presence with one another, with ourselves, and with Spirit.

Upcoming Events:

December 13            Gene’s New Moon Fire           7:00PM           FREE
Call Gene Poplin for more information – 775.560.5096

December 14           PRESENCE PUJA           7:00-9:00PM          $10.00
Unwrapping The Gift*

January 16            SURRENDER PUJA           7:00-9:00PM        $10.00
Release & Let Go*

February 8            LOVE PUJA                        7:00-9:00PM          $10.00
Opening the Heart*†

February 9           Valentine’s Workshop          1:00-4:30PM          $75.00
Opening Deeper to the Love*†

February 9          Advanced PUJA                      6:00-9:00PM            $25.00
Exploring, Experiencing & Expanding the Love*†

*These events will be at the Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Avenue. Please join us on this journey of spiritual growth, radiating light, unconditional love and more happiness in the world. Register today.
† Register for all three of these events for only $100 (a savings of $10).

If you would like to be added to our Tantra Sacred Loving Closed Group on FaceBook, send me a FaceBook message. This group is for those interested in the Healing Arts, Conscious Connection, and Spiritual Practices. Members are encouraged to participate and interact with one another consciously, kindly and lovingly.

May your journey be filled with JOY, BLISS and HAPPINESS.

Blessings of Love & Light