Anatomy of Pleasure and Yoni Massage Demo (Lisa and Laz)

December 2, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Bliss Palace

This is a demo class and will sell out!  Please register on Meetup. (You must be a member of the Source School of Tantra Yoga ~ San Jose Group.)

This demo is part2 in a series leading up to our one day workshop and is recommended for those who wish to attend the workshop.

We will start the class with teaching the basics of conscious touch and female anatomy of arousal.  Lisa and I will then proceed into a full demo using these concepts.  The audience will be instructed to hold sacred space for this event, with a question and answer period at the end.

Space will be limited, so you must pay to RSVP.  No late arrivals will be accepted once the demo starts.

Class details:

A journey into sacred sexuality – exploring conscious touch in the context of yoni massages, with the intent of connecting with one another while reviewing Sheri Winston’s work of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal. Using the giver/receiver model so that the receiver can fully receive as the giver focuses his/her consciousness into their hands. The giver listens to the receiver’s energy body and adjusts their touch as needed. The receiver discovers how it is to feel from the inside out, dropping thoughts and distractions from their mind and solely focusing on their own body and the subtleties and effects of various touch techniques. This class describes and demonstrates physical and energetic touch as well as female anatomy

About the presenters: Laz Daka is an Associate and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (AACTE) who studied under and has taught with Charles Muir of Source School of Tantra Yoga. In addition, Laz has studied all four levels of Quodoshka, Ipsalu Tantra, Skydancing and with various students of Osho. Laz runs the Source School of Tantra Yoga ~ San Jose meetup group and sees students for private sessions.

Lisa A. Rizzoli is an Associate and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, and a Certified Divine Feminine Educator. Lisa has taught Internationally in Bali, Dubai, Thailand as well as teaching with Tantra Master, Charles Muir, founder of Source School of Tantra.

Singles and couples welcome