Conscious Touch (awakening your energy body)

November 18, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Bliss Palace
633 East McKinley Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
$25 advance / $35 door
Laz Daka

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Lisa will be attending and assisting at this workshop.

From the Meetup page:

One of the most common concerns I hear from students, is the partners in their lives do not know how to be present in their touch.  This creates a boundary for them to opening and trusting, which in turn limits their partners from receiving the feedback and experience they need to grow.  Creating a widening gap between partners where growth experiences are limited and intimacy needs are not being met for either.  This class is being offered as the first in a series to build experience and knowledge in preparation for a full day workshop Lisa and I will be teaching.  This is a chance to work together with an existing partner, or try having a “tantra buddy” to practice with and further your knowledge and experience.. perhaps even to continue on to the full day workshop with!  If you do not have a partner, tell us in the questioner and we will try to match you with other singles.. first priority will be given to those who have already chosen a partner to work with… you will not want to wait until the last minute to rsvp.

Let’s put together all that we have learned so far in a group exercise. First we will be increasing the awareness of the energy in our bodies (Shiva/Shakti shake or chakra shake). Then in giver/receiver roles we will combine breathing exercises with the modalities of touch, while exploring yin/yang polarity. We will learn how to share useful and concise feedback with our partners in a constructive way.  Some time will be available at the end to share experiences.

You will become aware of your and a partner’s energy body (aura).  Then using various touch/massage techniques learn to “run energy” with a partner, through physical touch and energetic touch.  Participants are encouraged to bring a change of clothes or sarong to fully receive touch.

There will be no sexual intercourse or internal touch.  Partial/full nudity is welcome but is NOT necessary.

This will be a paired class – so you must register via meetup before the event.  Space will be limited.

I will be monitoring pairing, so sign up for the waiting list and I will add you as space becomes available.  If you wish to work with the same gender, indicate so in your RSVP.

$25 if paid online at time of RSVP… $35 if paid at the door

This class has sold out in the past to groups of 60+ people and was very well received, size for this class is limited, so only paid RSVP’d spaces will be guaranteed!