March 2012

Hello Beloved Tantra Friends,Wow, February was an incredible month. The Heart Energy Puja was well attended we had some new faces and lots of fun energies in the room and a sweet, delectable chocolate experience.  I love the energy that we generate and the authentic communication we share. Thank you for participating and bringing your higher self to the circle.  Then, the Valentine’s Couples Tantra Workshop sent me over the top with some phenomenal experiences.  I love holding space as couples come into a space of authentic communication, nurturing touch and sacred connection. We experienced our senses in a tantalizing manner, opening and feeling more intensity through the body. It truly touched my heart to watch the transformation that occurred during this workshop. The really juicy energy that was created and explored has continued to fuel me through this month. I am so excited to share with you some new ideas and upcoming events.A couple of really exciting things have happened in February. First, I sold a picture of myself that I took a few years ago to a publisher who has put it on the cover of an erotic novel, “To Make Love Die” by Jack Burton (I am in the process of reading the story). Check it out on Amazon. The second incredible thing that happened was I have been doing private Tantra work with a gentleman who has been diagnosed with COPD and emphysema. After 4 sessions, he went back to his doctor for some respiratory tests. The results revealed a miraculous healing: over 15% of lung capacity has been restored. He has been requested to do a case study on his pulmonary function to see how such healing could happen. He is attributing this improvement to the work he has been doing; believing that the energy from the sessions is bringing about his healing. And finally, I facilitated a Puja at a retirement center which was an experience that truly touched my heart as we shared energy and I witnessed a beautiful unfolding and exchange of vitality and love that was unique and special in the moment. Truly beautiful.

The next Puja is on Friday March 2, 2012 at 7:00PM and is about Spaciousness and how we create spaciousness in our lives by releasing that which no longer serves as well as opening to new energies so that they may flow through us freely and with such intensity that we welcome fresh energy while releasing any stale energy with ease. We will also be exploring boundaries and how they are important for our wellbeing.  Remember you can register for the puja on the website.

March 22 is the New Moon Fire at Gene’s house–for more information you can contact Gene at 775-560-5096. Gene’s New Moon Fires are a powerful experience.  I like to bring (burnable) stuff to place in the fire, it is a great way to release the energies and open to what is coming. Lately, I have been burning all my paperwork from my graduate school experience; I have been storing this stuff for years. It is refreshing to release this part of my life and open the space.

I look forward to seeing and connecting with you soon–hopefully this Friday night (March 2). Have a fantastic March and I will be in contact from Bali for the next newsletter.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Lisa A. Rizzoli