December 2013

Hello Beloved Friends, 

I am writing this to you from South Africa as I travel through Kruger National Park established in 1898. I am traveling with shamanic astrologer,  Daniel Giamario, evolutionary astrologer, Maurice Fernandez and the founder of Global White Lion Protection Trust,  Linda Tucker. It has been a fascinating excursion as we delve deeply into wild life conservation, the blending of astronomy with astrology and ceremony at sacred sites. INCREDIBLE!  

This journey began in Dubai being the guest of Christina Formenius and her daughter, Luiza Formenius. They joined our group on the Tantra Adventure Tour of Bali 2013. Dubai is a city built on the Persian Gulf, the desert on one side and the sea on the other. It is an incredible example of modern technology used to create spaces for people to inhabit. Christina and Luiza graciously welcomed me into their home and showed me some of the wonders of Dubai, including an indoor snow-skiing excursion, a desert safari, and a visit to a huge mosque. We had a gathering of empowered women where we discussed sacred sexuality and some principles of Tantra. They have asked me to return and organize a workshop. 

To create a Tantra Adventure Tour of Dubai, teaching Tantra principles and embodying those teachings through the modalities of movement and adventure  has endless pools of possibilities including: meditation in the desert and by the sea, kundalini yoga, pole dancing, skiing, desert safari, full moon ceremony on the desert sands, visits to sacred sites and much much more. I am grateful for the opportunities that are presenting themselves and for the incredible connections that continue to nurture and cultivate spiritual awareness and acceptance of sacred sexuality. Special thanks to Christina and Luiza for their gracious generosity and welcoming. 

LR_AfricaThe second part of the journey brings me to South Africa to explore and experience the majestic white lions. It is the story of Linda Tucker’s journey to protect and be the sacred guardian of all animals, especially the white lion. She is an empowered woman following her life’s calling through incredible challenges and opportunities to co-create a nurturing environment for her beloved white lions. I encourage you to read her books, which can be found through her website. Our trip has included wildlife sightings of incredible magnitude that I will be blogging about soon. 

One of the most important Tantric lessons I have explored is the blissful, orgasmic pleasure of bearing witness to these extraordinary experiences and realizing every moment is an extraordinary opportunity to feel blissful, orgasmic pleasure. Exploring the ordinary as extraordinary and the extraordinary as ordinary. Seeing the sacred in the mundane and the mundane in the sacred. It is a beautiful life. 

Our next Puja, Chakra Integration,  will be on December 18th. Join me for an integration and balancing of the chakras through vibrational sound waves of the crystal bowls, Tantric principles of connection, movement and modality. It is going to be a very yummy Puja. 


Tuesday, December 3rd               7:00PM             New Moon Fire*

Wednesday, December 18th       7:00PM             Chakra Integration Puja† ~ Please wear your favorite Chakra Color

Wednesday, February 12th         7:00 PM             Love Puja

Saturday, February 15th              1:00-5:00PM    Valentine’s Couples Workshop

Saturday, February 15th              7:00PM             Advanced Puja

* Contact Gene Poplin at 775.560.5096

† Gerber Medical Clinic   1225 Westfield Ave. #2    Reno, NV 89509 

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Blessings to you and see you at the next PUJA.






Lisa A. Rizzoli

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator