Bali Day 2

Bali 2015
Day Two, Tuesday, March 17
Today is an easy, relaxed, day to catch up with yourself after crossing so many time zones. Take your time today. You may feel the need to sleep in or relax by the pool in the morning.

At 10 AM, the group gathers for an orientation and welcome presentation by Lisa and Laz. This will be the first of several Tantra teaching sessions you will experience throughout your journey.

Mid-afternoon the group gathers to meet Cokorkda Ratih, a princess from the royal family of Peliatan and the tour’s professional guide and cultural ambassador. She is your expert on all things Balinese. Cok Ratih introduces you to Balinese and Indonesian textiles, shares with you Balinese religion and spirituality and gives a demonstration on how to dress when you visit the temples. She presents you with a gift from Lisa and Laz of a temple sarong and sash.

Late afternoon, dressed in proper temple outfits, the group proceeds to Tanah Lot Temple. Only the holy fresh water spring, located at the base of the temple, is open to the hundreds of tourists who visit Tanah Lot every day. You, however, guided by Cok Ratih, are allowed into the inner temple courtyard where you experience the Balinese manner of making prayers and offerings before the Gods and Goddesses.

After dinner, you’re off to a performance of the dramatic and highly stylized Kecak and Fire dance. With it’s mesmerizing, syncopated chants, it’s haunting incantations and stark imagery, the Kecak promises to be one of your most unforgettable impressions of Bali.