August 2014

Hello Beloved Friends,

Wow, July was a busy month with the Fire Puja and the Explore Your Pelvic Floor Workshop. We explored the element of fire by playing with energy balls, movement, connection and writing our intentions or releases to burn in the fire. It was a powerful evening of self-discovery and energy play. The following week 11 women joined me in the Explore Your Pelvic Floor workshop, another powerful experience of self-discovery, great discussions and amazing connections.

August looks to be another exciting month. I will be teaching with Laz Daka in Sunnyvale, facilitating the Yin Puja in Reno and teaching at Source School of Tantra with Charles Muir in Boulder Creek, CA.

The theme of the next set of Pujas is Yin/Yang; Yin in August and Yang in September. In Chinese philosophy, yin/yang is the concept of complementary forces that create a dynamic system. Yin is often associated with the feminine, moon, soft, intuitive energies while yang is the masculine, sun, hard, logical energies.  Without one, we cannot have the other. Finding the balance is the key. Join us in the sacred circle of the Yin Puja Wednesday evening for a night of playful energy.


No New Moon Fire in August

Tuesday August 5, 2014     Anatomy of Pleasure and Yoni Massage Demo in Sunnyvale, CA

Wednesday August 6, 2014          7:00PM Yin Puja

Wednesday September 3, 2014    7:00PM Yang Puja

Wednesday September 24, 2014     8:00PM September New Moon Fire

I look forward to your comments on Facebook about your Puja experiences. Please join us on Tantra Sacred Loving Workshop and in our secret group Tantra Sacred Loving.

Blessings to you and see you at the next Puja!


Lisa A. Rizzoli

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator