May 2015

Tantra Sacred Loving  |  May 2015
Happy Spring,
I am sharing a portion of Caroline Carrington’s newsletter as we will be offering Diving Deeper Into G-Spot and Female Ejaculation workshop this Saturday May 16, 2015 in Emeryville, California.  I love teaching with Caroline, we are a dynamic team the energy we share radiates throughout the room.


Diving Deeper Into  the G-Spot & Female EjaculationSaturday 16 May     10.00am – 6.00pm
Emeryville, CA

Caroline Carrington and Lisa A. Rizzoli invite you to a day long deep dive exploring the g-spot and female ejaculation. These two incredible Dakini’s will demystify this profound subject empowering you to step more fully into your own exploration steeped in the magic of Tantric honoring and devotion. Following our hugely successful evening classes on this fascinating subject we are making this exciting offering available in a day long interactive experience.

The class will create a safe and sacred container for the exploration of this powerful work. We will explore physiology and energetic aspects of this practice empowering you with techniques to teach you how to explore the powerful practice. The day will include a LIVE DEMO with Caroline and Lisa  teaching you step by step how to explore this practice and an opportunity for hands on practice during the class.


  • How to create a safe and intimate container for this profound ritual
  • How to use the gift of presence to deepen intimacy with your partner
  • Techniques to activate the g-spot
  • Tools to awaken the body to female ejaculation
  • Hands on practice of g-spot activation
  • Experience the support and power of sharing this practice with the group energy

This class welcomes people of all genders
Early Bird Tickets SOLD OUT
2x Sacred Pair Tickets left before prices increase
Only a few Regular & Last Call tickets available


“I felt supported, encouraged and seen as I bore witness to the seamless offering you both shared with us! What an enlivening and vital experience it was to receive your collective wisdom and love!! Thank you!” ~ KimJoy Monser, Sebastapol

“Caroline and Lisa’s Tantric G-Spot and Female Ejaculation demonstration was truly an amazing event. As an energy healer for the last decade or so, I have experienced the interplay of energy in many forms and contexts, so at this point it takes a lot to impress me. And I was impressed. The presenters are clearly highly trained, passionate, compassionate, and skilled in their art, their energy is very clear and palpable, and the energy field they created together was healing for everyone present. I will be attending more of their courses, and recommend their work to anyone who is interested in opening their sexual selves via a clear, open, and spiritual path.” ~  Nathan Whiteside, Oakland

“I’ve been looking for sacred sexual work for a long time, but so much of it out there isn’t very clear so it is a delight to find you and your work.”


“Wow … terrific work / play shop” ~ David Robinette, Santa Cruz


“It was really phenomenal. The energy was amazing. I felt my 2nd chakra fill with yummy energy.”


I have changed the format of the puja as we delve into the Tantrik teaching of yamas and niyamas. These are spiritual principles for us to contemplate and feel into how we can apply them in our lives. Asking ourselves, “What would my life look like if I embodied this teaching and did my best to live this way?” These teachings are meant to support and actualize spiritual and worldly goals. I look forward to expanding, exploring and experiencing these concepts with you.
In May we explored the yama, Ahimsa which is non-violence and how it plays our in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms through our actions, words and thoughts.
In June, we will look at the principle of Satya, truthfulness. Speaking our truth not only to others but to ourselves as well. To speak the truth in a non-violent way, fundamentally, is a representation of our own inner experiences. Let’s explore this concept further in the Satya Puja.


Saturday, May 16           Workshop in California        10:00-6:00PM

Sunday, May 17             New Moon Fire                     8:00-10:00PM*

Wednesday, June 3         Satya (सत्य) Puja                       7:00-9:30 PM†

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With loving gratitude and appreciation,

Lisa A. Rizzoli

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator
* Contact Gene Poplin at 775.560.5096

† Gerber Medical Clinic   1225 Westfield Ave. #2    Reno, NV 89509