March 2014

Hello Dearest Friends,

It has been a very busy month of amazing events with more opportunities arising every day. I hope this newsletter finds you in a place of gratitude for the abundance that is presented to you on a daily basis.

In February we had the Love Puja, the Valentine’s Couples Workshop and the Advanced Puja. I want to thank those of you that attended and shared your energies. The Love Puja was super sweet. I pulled out the first Love Puja I facilitated and thought I would read the stations and recreate that event; however, the energy did not call for that. I decided to let go of the written design and allow the flow to freely guide us in the experience. It is truly a blessing to know the energy is there and we can move with it.

Laz Daka and I enjoyed the opportunity to create a beautiful Valentine’s Couples Workshop. We co-created a space for couples to share with one another their sweet love. We explored authentic communication, nurturing touch and sacred connection.

We learned about our primary love language (The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman) and the couples discussed what their love language looks like for them individually on a day-to-day basis. We then learned a beautiful, heart-energy massage technique designed to focus on one person receiving while the other gave. This is a great way for couples to connect in a loving way and to nurture one another in a very special way. IMG_5889Laz created a beautiful mandala of fruit for us to sensually share with one another. Couples were remarkably creative in the way they fed one another. Being a facilitator, I love to watch the transformation that takes place during a workshop. It is an extraordinary feeling to see people connect more deeply as the bonds of Love are evoked and united.

The Advanced Puja is an experience that cannot be described with mere words. I highly recommend attending one to have the experience for yourself.

Our next series of Pujas will be focused on the Elements. The element of air will be the topic for the March Puja. Let’s intensify the energy and create something surprisingly blissful.

Remember Love is the important aspect of a relationship, any relationship. “What would love do?” a dear friend reminds me to take a breath and ask this question prior to reacting to any situation.  If the ultimate goal is connection, does the behavior and motivation line up with the goal? Choose the path of Love.


Saturday, March 1          7:00PM          New Moon Fire*

Friday, March 7          7:00 PM          Air Puja

Friday, April 4          7:00PM          Earth Puja

Wednesday, May 7           7:00PM          Water Puja

Wednesday, June 4          7:00PM          Spirit Puja

Wednesday, July 2          7:00PM          Fire Puja

* Contact Gene Poplin at 775.560.5096
† Gerber Medical Clinic   1225 Westfield Ave. #2    Reno, NV 89509

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Blessings to you and see you at the next Puja.

Lisa A. Rizzoli, ACTE