The Ins and Outs of Arousal Testimonial 

The following testimonial is why I love teaching, sharing and exploring with people.  I didn’t realize how much there is to explore with intimacy until I took the Ins & Outs of Arousal workshop…it was an engaging, fun, and relaxing environment that was educational and inspirational on many levels. ~Nancy, Reno, NV

The Ins and Outs of Arousal 

Join sexual trainers Kevin Brizendine and Lisa A. Rizzoli in the “gym” on July 16th. A few of the topics will be:  The Truth Behind Female Ejaculation Hidden Secrets of the Clitoris. Engorgement: It’s Not Just for Men “Thank you for the class last night, my wife and I really enjoyed it. We will be […]

The Ins and Outs of Arousal 

In this presentation, Kevin and Lisa will share their experience, knowledge and wisdom along with the latest information about the intricate details of female sexual anatomy and its importance to a woman’s pleasure and arousal. Join us for an evening of lively discussion as we uncover the hidden secrets of powerful pleasure for women and […]

Multi-Orgasmic Man! What? May 2016 Newsletter

Multi Orgasmic Men! What? |  May 2016 Hello Friends, What is this talk of the Multi-Orgasmic Man? Kevin Brizendine and I will be sharing our experiences, some incredible techniques and practices you can explore to become a Multi-Orgasmic Man on May 11, 2016.  This class is open to men, women, couples, singles,  people who want to learn about the […]

February is For Lovers

Please join Tantra experts Lisa A. Rizzoli and Matk Ray for a weekend of connecting, exploring and expanding in relationship. It’s a Tantra workshop developed to enhance your pleasure.   Get your tickets today  


Yesterday, I had the most delicious lunch prepared by Francine and I learned a new, sexy phrase. Check out this video.  We are blessed to have her joining us for Awaken Your Senses Evening December 12th. 

Bad News, Good News… Free CD

​​The bad news is that the popular Awaken Your Senses music CD sold out on Amazon. You can’t buy it there any more. 🙁    The good news is that luckily, we set aside a free CD for everyone who attends the December 12 Awaken Your Senses evening at the Gerber Medical Clinic. 🙂 Claim […]

Awaken Your Senses

I am thrilled to be co-hosting Awaken Your Senses with Avinash. Join us for an evening of luscious yumminess!