October 2014

Hello Beloved Friends,

Happy Autumn! I love this time of year when the leaves begin to change and the landscape becomes speckled with a wide variety of vibrant colors. The air becomes brisk and the days grow shorter. I enjoy witnessing the changing of the seasons and can find appreciation for each day and what it brings. This summer was incredible, I am grateful for our connections and interactions. I love sharing with each and every one of you. Let’s make this season of fall even more amazing.

New moon fires are a time for us to gather, to connect and to release whatever we are ready to let go of. The new moon fire in September was especially touching and moving as one of the participants chose to burn her wedding gown. She said she could feel a huge wait lift from her shoulders as the dress burned and the sparkly embers danced in the wind. It is a blessed event and I want to offer my appreciation and love to Gene Poplin for continuing to provide the space and the sacred fire for us to have our moments of release and opening. Thank you, Gene.

Embark Upon a Sacred Journey will be traveling to Bali, Indonesia March 16-25, 2015. This is an extraordinary journey of exploring sacred sites of Bali with our guide Cokorda Ratih, a Balinese princess, while learning Tantra practices and techniques of sacred sexuality. It is a trip of a lifetime. For more information please visit the website or you can contact me directly.

The puja ceremonies continue to amaze me with the magical transformations that happen in the few hours that we share together in sacred space. Participants share their experiences with me throughout the month; my heart opens as it fills with appreciation, love and gratitude for the opportunity to share these creative, expansive experiences with so many people. It truly is a blessing.

The theme for the next puja is appreciation. Let’s explore the concept of appreciation by learning how to appreciate ourselves, others and the paths each one of us chooses to walk. I am looking forward to another amazing, energetic experience and we have Starman’s birthday to celebrate and appreciate. See you there!


October 8, 2014          7:00PM      Appreciation Puja

October 23, 2014        8:00PM      New Moon Fire

November 5, 2014       7:00PM      Gratitude Puja

November 22, 2014     8:00PM      New Moon Fire

December 10, 2014     7:00PM      Giving Puja

December 22, 2014     8:00PM      New Moon Fire

March 16-25, 2015 Embark Upon a Sacred Journey to Bali

I look forward to your comments on Facebook about your PUJA experiences. Please join us on Tantra Sacred Loving Workshop and in our secret group Tantra Sacred Loving.

With deep appreciation and love, I send you blessings.

Lisa A. Rizzoli

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator