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Yesterday, I had the most delicious lunch prepared by Francine and I learned a new, sexy phrase. Check out this video.  We are blessed to have her joining us for Awaken Your Senses Evening December 12th. 

December Newsletter

Hello Tantra Sacred Loving Friends, Welcome to December, the month of the shortest day of the year. The nights have been growing longer allowing more time for practice and integration. I have been enjoying the practice of Loving Myself Awake before the sun rises. This is a daily practice of awakening through breath, touch, sound, […]

Bad News, Good News… Free CD

​​The bad news is that the popular Awaken Your Senses music CD sold out on Amazon. You can’t buy it there any more. 🙁    The good news is that luckily, we set aside a free CD for everyone who attends the December 12 Awaken Your Senses evening at the Gerber Medical Clinic. 🙂 Claim […]

Awaken Your Senses

I am thrilled to be co-hosting Awaken Your Senses with Avinash. Join us for an evening of luscious yumminess!  http://youtu.be/S4fnlzrtmbE