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An Exclusive Offer

Hello Beloved Friends, It’s the trip of a lifetime and you are invited to join Lisa A. Rizzoli and Laza Daka as they lead you on a Tantra Adventure Tour in Bali, Indonesia March 16 – March 25, 2015. This exclusive retreat experience weaves elements of Tantra Yoga, active adventures on a magical island and […]

Bali is Calling!

Bali is calling…you! Join us on an playful adventure of sacred sexuality, sacred temples, sacred culture, and sacred lands. Bali Itinerary 2015

Connecting in Bali

When we travel in Bali, we connect with the people! It’s about the LOVE! www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com

Setting Intentions

Hooping is what first brought me to Bali. It was New Year’s Day 2010, I was contemplating what I wanted to bring into my life. One of my years aspirations was to attend a hoop retreat on the east coast, I put my intentions into the Universe and did a ritual at the fire. The […]

Happy New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve! In Bali, they celebrate with an Ogoo Ogoo parade followed by a day of silence. Join us March 16-25 in Bali and experience Nyepi for yourself. You can read more about it this ceremony at www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com

Healing in Bali

While traveling in Bali with Balinese Princess, Cokorda Ratih, she hurt her arm and brought us along to witness her healing process. This Balinese healer had local people lined up waiting to see him as he heals many ailments. We watched him set a broken arm, create a healing potion for someone’s rash and lay […]

Ritual at the Mother Temple

Ceremony at the Mother Temple in Bali. We get to experience unique rituals as we explore the magical land of Bali. www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com

Adventures in Bali

At the top of the world, holding an incredible ball of energy in the palms of my hands. Another incredible moment from one of many adventures in Bali, Indonesia. Join us for a Tantra Adventure Tour March 2015. www.embarkuponasacredjourney.com

Bali Testimonial

Last year (2013), I met a beautiful being, Adrienne Metzig who joined us on an unique adventure in the magical lands of Bali. We laughed, we did yoga, we learned some Tantra, we climbed a volcano, we rode bikes, we rafted a river, we snorkeled, we loved…. I love that Bali brought us together, that […]

Sunset at Tanah Lot

A beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot in Bali. This is one of the incredible temples we will be visiting on our tour. This temple is only accessible during low tide and has a fresh water spring bubbling up inside. For the Balinese, it is one of the most important sea temples as it is dedicated […]