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Blissful Moments 

Loving Myself Awake in this beautiful temple space in Mountain View, Californina. Feeling blessed and grateful for the opportunities to expand, explore and live in abundance. Appreciating the beauty of this life.  “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”  ~ Wayne Dyer        



   Today’s card draw is Abundance. What is abundance? One definition states, “copious quantities of something…”  Meditating on this definition, I can find abundance in copious quantities in my life. I have an abundance of friends and loved ones. I have an abundance of love and pain.  I have an abundance of passion and desire. […]

Emerald-Fire of Abundance/Ray of Magnificence 

   The emerald is connected to the heart center, enrichening all life. It represents abundance and magnificence.  As I look at the books I’ve been reading and the experiences I have explored, this card resonates and is perfect. Today, I say goodbye to the Bay Area with Love and Gratitude. It’s been an amazing week […]

June 20, 2014

ABUNDANCE – The Blessing You are a delight for the opposite sex. Even if you don’t move or say a word, your eyes speak, revealing your most intimate emotions, which do not escape the notice of those who travel on your same frequency. ~The Pillow Deck Yesterday, a close friend asked if I had wished […]