Card Readings

The Cards 

Eleven days teaching with Charles Muir, TJ Bartel and Judith Shavani Davis at Source School of Tantra‘s  CTE (Certified Tantra Educator) training opened new pathways for the continuation of expansion and growth.  This photo is of the cards that were drawn by participants that came for private sessions. The messages were perfect for each session–Tantra […]


   How deep can you go? Can you fully accept who you are, all of you, in this moment and know that you get to choose your next step on your journey?  Looking deeply into ourselves takes courage and strength, to acknowledge our assets and imperfections. Loving and accepting the person that is you.  It’s […]



   Choice: The Free Graces  You remain standing there with your precious golden apple in your hand, contemplating, “To whom shall I give this?” ~The Pillow Deck  We are of free will to choose the path we want to follow. Do you follow your heart? Your head? Your passion? Your desire? Do you play it […]

Emerald-Fire of Abundance/Ray of Magnificence 

   The emerald is connected to the heart center, enrichening all life. It represents abundance and magnificence.  As I look at the books I’ve been reading and the experiences I have explored, this card resonates and is perfect. Today, I say goodbye to the Bay Area with Love and Gratitude. It’s been an amazing week […]

Smoky Quartz – Clearing/Miracles 

Smoky Quartz of the air element is a crystal known to aid in the detoxification process. It helps to balance the root chakra and free impurities.  Here we go, let’s start Attracting higher frequencies now!     It is a wonderful time to regroup and replenish your own energy. If you are dealing with issues that […]

Rutilated Quartz – Going with the Flow

  This card carries a powerful message of trust and faith in the universe. Knowing the guidance is there at all times, it a matter of believing, letting go and flowing.  Our only responsibility is to be creators and radiators of light. When we cease struggling and allow ourselves to let go, we ensure with was […]

Amethyst -Spiritual Alchemy/Transformation 

I love Amethyst and am excited it has appeared in my reading today. I can feel the fire element in my blood. I trust my inner wisdom and feel the empowerment of my choices. I live an amazing life, full of adventure and beauty.  Amethyst stimulates a greater love for the Universal principles of peace […]

Kunzite – Clear Path to the Heart

  Today’s card is Kunzite.  It represents the wise heart that prefers to seek romantic encounters of a high nature.~Dawn Silver and Pat Gullett Exploring the inner depths of my heart space and I travel this journey. Looking at past lessons to grow into the present moment. What do I want? How do I want to […]

Peridot -Forgiveness and Healing

   Today’s card is Peridot. Perfect for me today as I am doin an exercise of contemplating my weaknesses and strengths. This card reminds me to be gentle and forgiving of myself.   It is a crystal that can unravel deep-seated emotional patterns found in the third chakra. It’s gentle ray encourages us to release any […]